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English games for you

English Games
English Games

Today the technology of teaching English has been changed. It is not something we teach and train but we make students participate and involve into the class activity. We also call it activity based teaching. This type of teaching will help students to build up certain methods as and when applicable in order to learn English Effectively. The below English games are very useful to help students learn English fast.

In today's world It is very important to understand the importance of learning English in an effective way and in short period or span of time rather than spending too much time in listening to lectures. Students of English learners have to listen to the methodology of learning English carefully. It is nothing but to learn the language with the help of English Games.

Fun English Games

Charades  game is so effective while learning English.

Game Plan :

  1. Break class into two teams.
  2. One student from each team draws a flash card.
  3. Students act out flash cards while their team guesses the action.
  4. Teams must use complete sentences.
  5. Acting student must not talk.
  6. Team mates can help each other.
  7. Teams may 'steal' points.

Board Races game also helps developing the language skills and speed skills.

Game Plan :

  1. List adjectives on board.
  2. Make columns for 'er' and 'more'
  3. Break students into teams.
  4. Students write each adjective under correct column.
  5. Correct answers when game is finished.

english games for kids

There are yet other games which are very useful for the development of the English language and it will be useful fore many students  who want to learn English as a second language.

Conclusion: The above games are very useful. There are still many games which will help us to build our communication skills in a creative way. We don't need to waste too much time on reading books which will not really give the stuff which we require. Learn English with fun.  This way any one can achieve the heights very soon. Learning English through games will take the language into the long term memory. You will never forget the words very fast.  You will store into the long term memory very easily. Always remember that when you initiate a game in the class you must always make sure that you give enough introduction to the students about what you are going to do in the class and prepare all the students initially to accept the challenge in a positive way.


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