English Renaissance Poets(1500-1660)

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English Renaissance Poets are those ones who changed the entire look of English Literature. Here I am pointing out some important areas where you can really know the important poets of the centuries. Before dealing with poets let us know the sub periods with in the English Renaissance.

  1. Elizabethan Period(1558-1603)
  2. Jacobean Period(1603-1625)
  3. Caroline Period(1625-1649)
  4. Puritan Period(1649-1660)

The above 4 periods are those belonging to the English Renaissance which means Re birth of English Literature.

Poets Responsible to be main ones are

  1. Edmund Spensor
  2. Sir Philip Sydney
  3. Francis Bacon
  4. Christopher Marlowe
  5. William Shakespeare

University Wits


George peele
Robert greene
Thomas nash
Thomas lodge
Thomas kyd
John Lyly
Christopher marlowe

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