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Flatulence meaning and synonyms

Flatulence meaning as per dictionary is accumulation of gases in various parts of body and especially stomach. Here we have different ways of understanding. First of all the meaning of flatulence is due to foods. Here I am giving good website on understanding flatulence detailed information

So when you want to know about this you must understand first about some basic information on the meaning of gas trouble

Flatulence meaning is widely understood as gas problem.Here I am giving list of synonyms on flatulence.

Flatulence synonyms:

Pomposity, gas, hot air, rigidness, bombast, wind, fart, windiness, flatus, magniloquence, rhetoric, bluster, boastful, claptrap, Faustian, Gascony, rant, vanity, empty talk, abdominal gas,babble, idle words, puffers, puffiness, affectation, bedizen, bloating, dilation, evaporate, farting.

Flatulence meanings given above are not so direct ones but some how they are related to them. In this way we have enough sources to know the meaning of flatulence. gassy.

Antonyms of Flatulence;

humility, humbleness, modesty. ordnance, ranting, throttle, tirade.verbosity. empty effort , catalyst, heartburn, peace, calm, serene, relax, no gas,

This depends on the way your stomach feels. Your stomach is very sensitive here. So you will not be able to make most out of things. Here is a usual flatulence meaning which may not be direct. But the flatulence meaning give here is indirect. Do not try to adapt these meanings to flatulence.

Flatulence meaning from Wikipedia

Wikipedia says about flatulence here flatus driven through the anus. This means some type of gas is released from the anus. This is the meaning and definition given by Wikipedia for more detailed analysis. Our body is affected with gases through stomach and intestine. This is flatulence meaning according to Wikipedia. bloating abdominal problem, more flatus volume, high flatus smell and gas trouble. Now that I have given clearly meaning of flatulence.Thank you for reading this article.

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