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History of English language

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English Language has been a part of investigation for many scholars and philosophers. English is the language of a lot of game and periods that which brings awareness of its unfathomable historic value around the globe through out the years. To know the history of English language is not an easy task as this involves lots of speculation and pragmatism and uncertainty.

Today I would like to bring the history of English in a very easy way where you can understand in depth history of English Language. It is not there in records at the the origin of history. We can only derive from minor witnesses existing around and that is what we need to concentrate upon. This is how we have to make sure that all what we read is not true about history of English Language. Many have formulated and just arranged things as they were in non reality. We really don't know the exactness of the history of English.

History of English Language as its origin

It is basically originated from a beautiful Island which we now call it as UK. What was this island known for Before Christ was born is a big question. We know this island as an island of a sect called Celts.The celtic people were existing in the United Kingdom when still English was not born and probably in the year 600 BC. we do not know now exactly how these Celts arrived in Britain. But they were there for sure as far as our knowledge tells to the present society. These Celts were occupied by Picts, Jutes, Angles, Saxons from Roman side. Celts were no longer able to survive with the strong influence of the other sects. So they moved towards north as a matter of existence. Mean while all the above sects mingled and distributed words among each other where Anglo Saxon Language came into existence what we also call as an old English. So Old English was spoken by many. From there we slowly moved to middle English where we have a little refinement of the old English by some poets and at the end Shakespeare shook the parameters of Old English and Middle English and translated many words and bought lot of new words into existence. In fact  English was a language of working people but due to the printing press and due to Shakespeare, English was no more a language of working people but a language of class people then. Now we are into modern English where all words underwent lot of reductions. This is how the history has worked out for us. English originated slowly out of many languages. It is a power right now. But we do not know what takes place after 100 more years like in the year 5000 we say, what English will our people speak English may also become dead language by 5000 due to vast changes and it may become dangerous as a matter of concern. Any how right now what we speak is a mixture of many languages what we call it as English


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