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panchayat secretary cut off marks 2017

SC cut off – 105

Oc cutoff- 145

St cutoff – 90

Today we will understand panchayat secretary mains cut off. Panchayat Raj secretary that is panchayat secretary mains exam in this exam if you analyse properly 50000 students attended this exam but unfortunately many people did not write well for the second paper and the reason could be one thing that these people did not have pre existing knowledge that just depended upon some books and wrote so in order to make yourself understand your cut of marks you have to wait for 1 or 2 days for the official key from Jordan that is a APPSC Public Service Commission. panchayat secretary cut off marks 2017


The full exam was conducted on August 6th 2017 in Andhra Pradesh for panchayat secretary mains only few posts are available and there is a minimum qualifying marks for this that is 40 is to 35 is 230 that is OC SC and ST. what I feel is that if anyone gets more than 200 mah there will be a chance of job for sure but the cutoff is going to be very low as it was in the screening exam the reason is this type of subject is completely new and there are negative marks for this for the cutoff will go very less when compared to our expectations. and space same thing happened in the screening test many predicted different cut off marks but at the end it was very horrible that the cut off mark was too too low to 32 for 150 if 32 could be the cutoff mark for screening test what would be the cutoff mark. panchayat secretary cut off marks 2017

For example let us take if by mains exam there would be an increase of 10% mark because of the qualified students intelligence so let us take the cut off mark from sir to save 40 letters take Ongole itself highest cut off mark in screening test 50% no sir mains exam cut off mark would be no sir mains exam cut off mark would be an up to 60% and some 10% for taking care of negative marks which did not happening screening test

so I am I adding some 10 more so now it is 70% cut off mark and now letters eliminate all group 2 and 1 students who did not prepare exclusively for Panchayat Raj system so they are the cutoff would go below by 2% that is 68 so the final cutoff would be for the safest reason reason sir just increasing by 10% for unknown circumstances so it is 78% you need to get in one each subject that is 78 into 2 is equal to almost you must get like 156 marks to almost stand in the competition but 200 is a safe standing.panchayat secretary cut off

Regarding panchayat secretary mains exam cutoff marks for SC students will be also very high this year because many students prepared for this exam seriously. So don’t get confused with your marks if you are marks for panchayat secretary mains exam 2017 that is cut off marks for panchayat secretary mains is lesser than 150 marks then forget about your job and try for group 1 and group 2

for group 3 mains panchayat secretary cut off marks will be more than 150 and safest zone is 170 marks this is just only and estimation because last time in the screening test we had experience of very less merit list so don’t get discouraged and be watchful regarding panchayat secretary mains cut off because this is completely and new concept because of negative marks for even a bright students can fail in this  exam so test your luck for panchayat secretary mains cut off.panchayat secretary cut off marks 2017

Now I want everyone not to estimate to high cut off marks for panchayat secretary mains the reason is you cannot destroy the experience with you faced in the screening test if screening test result is very very less than mains also will be very very less cut off so be confident and watch out the result and we have given almost the low cut off and also in the passage the highest cutoff so you can decide which one you are into the marks side of your exam.

Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission has taken a new steps by implementing many serious procedures like a negative marking and questioning very differently and prompting us to be very careful while answering all the questions. But even then we are not so careful and we have Britain even the known answer is wrong once this will affect many people because many did not skip the exam because they did not feel to skip the MCQs which they don’t know.

They tried hard to attempt the maximum questions in panchayat secretary mains exam and hear the cutoff is going to become very very low so I want to want everyone to wait for the APPSC response sheet and also let us thank the secretary of APPSC and the chairman of APPSC who put lot of efforts from February to August to complete this amazing one time opportunity panchayat secretary cut off marks 2017

Regarding that panchayat secretary mains key we do not know what is the key or ficially because it was all objective type online based computer exam for panchayat secretary. So we can’t tell which questions are exactly we wrote and which questions we did not write.  that is why there is no unofficial key available right now unless APPSC gives the key on their website so let us wait for the official key for panchayat secretary mains exam so that we know which are the questions that we attempted rightly and which all the questions that

we attempted wrongly so in this way we know what is the exact mark that we have achieved rather than depending upon the wrong sources and getting disappointed so you wait for the right opportunity maybe as per the interview given by the chairman of APPSC on panchayat secretary mains exam he told not to worry so much regarding the availability of result it will not take more than one month to process all the results and publish on the Internet so this is a very good news for panchayat secretary mains exam 2017 the result will be announced by September 2017 good luck. panchayat secretary cut off marks 2017