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How to prepare for mains group 3 panchayat secretary tips

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  1. Understand the Syllabus: Firstly you must understand the syllabus thoroughly. This is very important first of all. Without it you can do nothing. So try understanding all the topics and read again and again. So that you remember the topic. Do not prepare without knowing the topics clearly.
  2. Learn By heart: Try to learn the titles in the syllabus by heart. This way you can make sure that your ideas are strong on the topic without forgetting.
  3. Number of Topics: Also remember that there are 23 topics mentioned in all the papers. Paper 1 and paper 2
  4. Do not study in bulk at a time all the topics. study normally learn some 50 bits that are very important in each topic. This must be the starting point. 50 mcq’s are enough in each topic. This will make you strong psychologically that you know something from everything. If you go on studying only one topic, then you do not have this psychological set up and power. So first choose to study 50 questions through out all the topics..
  5. Now it is the time that you know something from all the topics. Take it up slowly and increase the phase of studying.  Increase the number of bits slowly. What I mean is from 50 to 100 in each topic. This is the best method to study comfortably with out studying.
  6. So in this way you are ready for a great fight. This fight must be started only after getting all the basic idea. Once you are ready with 100 multiple choice questions in each topic. you are sure you are going to defeat half of the exam competitors. So competition is very important here.
  7. So make sure that not to waste a second also. There must not be starting point and ending point for studying. Do not see the time when you are studying. Spend whole time for writing Panchayat secretary main exam

Panchayat Secretary mains Syllabus in detail

  • Events of national and international importance.
  • Current affairs- international, national and regional.
  • Basics of General Science and their relevance to the day to day life.
  • Current developments in science, technology and information technology.
  • History of Modern India with emphasis upon Indian national movement.
  • Economic development in India since independence.
  • Logical reasoning, analytical ability and data interpretation.
  • 11 Basic things about Disaster management (CBSE-VIII & IX Standard).
  • Geography of India with focus on AP.
  • over view of Indian Constitution.
  • Sustainable Development and Environmental Protection.
  • Bifurcation of Andhrapradesh and its Administrative, Economic, Social, Cultural, Political, and legal implications/problems, including following topics:

(a) Loss of capital city, challenges in building new capital and it’s financial implications.
(b) Division and rebuilding of common Institutions.
(c) Division of employees, their relocation and nativity issues.
(d) Effect of bifurcation on commerce and entrepreneurs.
(e) Implications to financial resources of state government.
(f) Task of post-bifurcation infrastructure development and opportunities for investments.
(g) Socioeconomic, cultural and demographic impact of bifurcation.
(h) Impact of bifurcation on river water sharing and consequential issues.
(i) AP REORGANIZATION ACT, 2014 on AP and the arbitrariness of certain provisions.


PAPER II – Rural Development and Problems in Rural Areas with special reference to Andhra Pradesh

  • Evolution of Panchayat Raj system in India including Constitutional amendments and
  • reports of Various Committees.
  • Evolution of Panchayat Raj system in Andhra Pradesh.
  • Roles and responsibilities of Panchayat Secretary.
  • Rural Sociology: History and Evolution of schemes catering to upliftment of Rural Poor.
  • Flagship Rural Development schemes of Rural Development Department of Government of India and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Key Schemes of Panchayat Raj Department of AP.
  • Rural Economy of Andhra Pradesh: Agriculture, Small scale Industries, Rural artisans.
  • Rural Credit Scenario of Andhra Pradesh: Role of Banks, co-operatives and Micro Finance.
  • Community Based Organizations and convergence of Welfare Schemes.
  • Women Empowerment and Economic development through Self Help Groups.
  • Revenue and Expenditure Management of Local Bodies.
  • Accounting and administering funds received under various schemes.

Panchayat Secretary Mains Exam already studied topics

Now it is very easy for you to prepare for mains as you have already studied topics in the previous test. Which means half of the topics are finished. Now first you have to skip those already done topics and select those topics which you did not touch from your previous exam. But because competition would be very high for panchayat secretary mains exam, you have think other ways of preparing topics in depth. or else you cannot really grab the group 3 panchayat secretary job. It is going to be very difficulty with the negative marking for the exam. So prepare deeply and logically with out moving outside the topics. Mains exam is always tough because this exam consists of all merit candidates. And taking 1:50 ratio for one job means you need to defeat 49 candidates who are in the merit list. How you are going to defeat those 49 of them is a big question? So get in touch with experts to qualify in the mains.

Helpful methods to prepare online for panchayat secretary mains exam

First of all attend mock test conducted online. See some video lectures online. And get some important material pertaining to the syllabus online. Also do not depend on only one source, attending some coaching institute. This will not help at all if you attend some coaching institute and think that it will look after.  It is you  who has to do everything. Take some short notes and maintain book on each topic. Prepare you own material out of those materials available from outside. So this is the best ways to prepare for panchayat secretary mains exam. Some useful websites like MANABADI will help you a lot. Also get updates from Appsc

Revisions Before the panchayat secretary mains exam

How many revisions yo must take before you appear for the mains exam is that I would suggest to take at least 3 revisions in total before appearing the mains. This is the best practice. Because you have ample amount of time, do not waste time just postponing the revisions. Revise till the end. Do not stop in the middle. Do not also deviate your mind. Do not watch television and do not watch movies. Just train your mind only for the sake of preparation. This is going to be for 2 months.

Conclusion: At the last eat well and sleep well. Healthy brain will grasp much more faster and remember better that that of weak brain with out right learning. So Panchayat secretary mains depends upon how you will tackle with maximum effort.

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