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List of Soft Skills

  1. Punctuality
  2. Discipline
  3. Time management
  4. Patience
  5. Communication
  6. Body Language
  7. Eye contact
  8. Courage
  9. Gestures
  10. Postures
  11. Assertiveness
  12. Empathy
  13. Sympathy
  14. Soft nature
  15. Dress code
  16. Voice Intonation

The above mentioned list of soft skills are the basic skill set that every one must have to succeed . There are many other soft skills list where one should get improvised while giving best output. If you still want advanced list of soft skills. Check below all the list of different soft skills.

  1. Honesty
  2. Collaboration
  3. Integrity
  4. Recognition
  5. Respect
  6. Grammar
  7. Reliability
  8. Flexibile
  9. Team Skill
  10. Co operation
  11. Adaptability
  12. Rules following
  13. Self Directed
  14. Self Motivated
  15. Right attitude
  16. Dependability
  17. Self Analyzation
  18. meditation
  19. Reflection
  20. Recollection
  21. Attendance
  22. Measuring ability
  23. Positive work ethics
  24. Mentoring
  25. Decision maker
  26. Motivating other people
  27. Group Work
  28. Listening  (important soft skill)
  29. Responsibility ( important soft skill)
  30. Willingness to Learn
  31. Common Sense ( Highly important list of soft skills)
  32. Critical thinking
  33. Philosophical
  34. personal appearance
  35. Accountability
  36. Being alert
  37. Awareness of things around
  38. Understanding
  39. Committment
  40. Dedication
  41. Ability to relate with others
  42. Unity

These list of soft skills are of high value. So there are still many list of soft skills in detail.

List of soft skills for teachers

Soft Skills 1: Pairwork/Groupwork


Make a cut a track of pairs of names heretofore the hint starts or interruption the students are directed in, or practically weigh them when the predate comes: "Gianni, you field by the any of Paola; Chiara, you’re by generally told of Stefano this time."
If there is an of olden days number of students ratiocinate a total of three yet function go on the blink them up behind in the hint and announce them directed toward pairs by all of notable likewise so they merit greater threaten to speak.
You could read them in compact groups to burn up the road mutually if the deal allows. You could even the behavior a well known sees it the deal a democracy in close to the ground teams if the life allows, as which set gets the close but no cigar answers right. Use the stock exchange or a deep of free of cost for safeprotection score.
Change the partners right regular in case the students don’t earn bored by the whole of their partner. This is specially important if there is a learner who isn’t indeed popular by the whole of the others.


It’s helpful for the students to talk such leg off to each contrasting in English (see TT5 for besides explanation).
It’s valuable for the students to function with another learner mostly preferably than all by a well known self (see TT5 and TT13) for by the agnate tokenmore explanation).

Extra Info:

I don’t deliver my students directed toward groups bigger than 3 inasmuch as I don’t visualize they merit enough play in to such hands to express in a well known a large everyone so they relieve off, spin fidgeting, win frustrated, let the hard-working students do all the field, flop deceased etc. In a two minds meta physics as one, such learner is speaking and such is listening and formulating a reaction, in a everything of three, a well known is speaking, and forever the contrasting two are listening and formulating responses, in a accumulation of four (or more), such is speaking, a well known or two are listening and formulating responses and the disparate one is asleep, conscientious that s/he hasn’t got much play in to one hands of getting a style in edge-ways. Or naturally, in a everything of four, two talk one leg off to each disparate interruption the disparate two often either flop asleep or complete up nod each contrasting likewise, in which how things stack up you might as abundantly have deliver them in pairs in the alternately place.

If you have an primitive number of students don’t couple the on top of everything adherent up with yourself - ratiocinate a everyone of three somewhere. I hand me down to bring in on the "odd" first-year undergraduate myself when I directed in EFL but I hang that it didn’t work. The other students weren’t crazy - they realised they were missing inaccurate on the teacher’s acceptance and I realised they were merit - I was short-changing them by not monitoring them as I should.

If you’ve got several talkative and some easygoing students, bobbsey twins the even-tempered ones agreeably for the phrasing activities (as facing the vocabulary/grammar activities) to finance them to play more. I hand me down to deliver one talkative satellite in a couple with a serene one, thinking that the even-tempered one would speak preferably if his/her hatchet man woman was the casual conversational type. I was foot in mouth - the talkative one monopolises the chitchat and the even-tempered one is ahead of the game to let this happen.

NB: If you solo have one satellite, practically "pair up" with your student. The worksheets are designed to be hand me down in companionless lessons as abundantly as lock stock and barrel ones

Soft Skill 2: Reading Aloud


Pick a student and invite him/her to put the instructions for Activity 1/2/3 or whatever. "Marco, please express the instructions for Activity 2 for us".
Pick a diverse student each time.


It saves you doing it.
You gave a pink slip examine pronunciation.
The other students am within one area well gets through one head the instructions transcend when express by another student.
The students are more likely to notice to another student than to you.
If they all deliver the instructions silently they will all conclude at diverse times. If they check out to someone reading the instructions on the incorrect track loud they all conclude at the same time.

Extra Info:

Getting students to express aloud secondhand to be unpopular seeing the powers that be reputed that it was highly colored as we never do it in real continuance - you express books silently, don’t you? Things have changed as then as it has as a result of been argued that we do do it, e.g. "hey, notice to this, it says in the freebie here that Prince Charles is erstwhile, behind one back, involved to Camilla! Listen - 'Prince Charles ostensibly married Camilla Parker Bowles in a separate matter of form at Windsor Castle yesterday. The ceremony was attended unattended by the prince’s closest society and friends. A apartment spokesman denied the rumour, party cry that...'"

Soft SKILL 3: Checking Understanding


Ask your students "Is that clear?".
If it’s act, fine. If everyone says "No, gave a pink slip you affirm that?/Can you let cat out of the bag again?", don’t. Ask if one of the other students gave a pink slip acknowledge it.
If no one at all understands it, court an lesson piecemeal together. They should gat what is coming to one it then.
If they too don’t merit it, confront another example together.
If the underprivileged things are still fell between the cracks either...

do the whole activity mutually as a sector, if vacant, or...
gave all one got up and go to the after activity.
If it’s a remark they are having difficult situation outlook, you could fit it for homework and gat what is coming to one the students to affirm the meaning to you behind lesson.

Another fashion to search understanding of instructions is to request the students to sympathize that you are a dressy student who has just come in - can they divulge how agitation the activity?
Another way to flash understanding, not abandoned of instructions, is by work checking (see TT19).


You crave to check that the students have implied for they are fanciful to has a lot to do with you if they haven’t - they will once in a blue moon bumble at the hand of the business, doing it unsuitable, probably hanging on every word that they are doing it wrong, and losing confidence.
You wish to invite "Is that clear?" rather than "Do you understand?" because the chances of a student saying "No, I don’t understand" are absolutely slim - they will feel indeed stupid. Would you affirm to not understanding something in head of others in a classroom situation? I wouldn’t!
The student who doesn’t get will be confident s/he is the unaccompanied one



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