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Status of Women in India

Status of women in India
Status of women in India

Title:-the shadows

Byline:- how we treat women

We all know that india is rich in culture.goddess are worshipped and considered more powerful than gods in indian mythology despite such henious crimes happening with them.

Coming to my point the goddessare nothing but womens.

The total women population in india is 635 million , compared to males they are means for every 1000 men there are only 943 women.

In ancient india womens only belong to kitchen and to take care of her husband,and she is called mistress of the house and they were considered as ‘ low status ’ to husbands.

As period changed,things have changed , in recent times women are treated equally in present india .

Women occupied place in all sectors equal to men.

In india the major problem faced by women is dowry system.

In present days we treat women as they are only meant for sexual inter course.i’m not blaming anyone this is the fact which happens in our surroundings.

“92 women are raped in india everymonth

in the same land where women worshippedasgoddess”

Ex:-delhi bus attack.  (Status of Women in India)

15 year old girl raped blinded in rajasthan.

a man in delhi raped 13 members among them small school girls are present ,he is called red jacket man. (Status of Women in India)

Additionally many women are victims of acid,atleast 106 such attacks were reported in 2012 according to the acid surviours foundation india (asfi) and that figure rose to 122 in 2013 and 349 in 2014,activists say that figure climbed to over 500 in 2015.some of them were dead.

Furthermore around 70,000 women die in india every year during child birth due to improper food and strength, even in her death bed , before she stop seeing this world she wants to give birth to her baby who starts seeing this world . (Status of Women in India)

that is women

For that women we are not giving any safety to live.

This is how we treat women.

Where is your culture ?

What happened to you ?

“india is the only country which decides the character of girl by her attire.”

It is wrong ,it is not about the dress it is about mentality which we should change .

From our india mythology , woman canbedescribed as “taken out of man “ or “half of man “ or “better half”.

Woman protects her husband/family like a shadow.

There is a line in english

‘your shadow is the only thing that walks beside you’

Similiarly woman is the only one that walks beside you,cares you,loves you, and stay with you like a shadow.  (Status of Women in India)

Even in your dark times your shadow (woman ) will be with you.

In india,perhaps across the world,a woman sacrifices everything the day she marries.


India had a great woman leaders who contributed their life for the sake of fellow living beings

Ex:-jhansi lakshmi bhai

And they also lift the country pride among the nations

Ex:-pv sindhu,kalpana chawala,pt usha

Chhavi rajawat is the 1st woman sarpanch in india with an mba degree.she ditched a well paying corporate company with one of india’s largest telecom firms to become the sarpanch of soda,a village of 60 kms from jaipur .she has tirelessly been working for the people of vllage and has succesfully implemented many projects includng rain water harvesting.

(Status of Women in India)

“a man is given birth by a woman.

He grows with the nurturing of a woman.

He leads life with the support of a woman partner.

Therefore,life for a man is impossible withou a woman.”


Thinking perspective should change as time changes.

“every man needs a woman when his life is a mess


Just like a game of chess,the queen (women )protects the king (men )”

“ i think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men

They are far superior and always have been.

Whatever you give women,she will make greater.  (Status of Women in India)

You give her sperm,she will give you a baby.

If you give her a house,she will give you a home.

If you give her groceries, she will give you a meal.

If you give her a smile , she will give you her heart.

She multiplies and enlarges what is given to her.

So,if you give her any crap

Be ready to receive a ton of shit”.

Think before you harrase

Think before you make someone victim

Think that they are the xerox copy of our mothers love.

Never cheat them

respect woman

protect woman ..  (Status of Women in India)




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