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There is no surety on the accuracy of the information/articles provided in readwritelistenspeak.com
There is no surety on how long an each article or information will be maintained on readwritelistenspeak.com
In the case of English Newspapers, this is only a free linking service to some English Newspapers through out the world in order to imporove English Language Skill.All the copyright policies of each individual Newspaper or Online Radio (external sources)will remain same as per their original copyright policies. None of the information is edited, updated, modified or deleted in any News paper or Live Radio(external sources) We have not edited any external source information on readwritelistenspeak.com other than additional readwritelistenspeak.com header at the top.

The news upates are posted by the publications of individual Newspapers, some of the internal pages of readwritelistenspeak.com are have articles crafted and posted directly by the author.

The ads displayed in readwritelistespeak.com are purely displayed by me and are not owned by any individual newspapers. This ad revenue is used to maintain website.

readwritelistenspeak.com is not responsible for any kinds of quality, transactions, sales or any other kinds of services that have been provided on external sources displayed on this site.

After visiting this website, viewers are invited to give their feedback, suggestions or to share any policy violations information with us @ Contact us page.

Feel free to express any new ideas or thoughts that you may get after visiting our website, your response on every aspect is greatly appreciated.

The above mentioned T&C’s is applied and can be changed at any instance with out any prior notice. The information provided in this website is copyrighted and none of the information on this website is copied or abused in any manner.

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