Spoken English Tips

Learning English is always a daunting task. We do not really notice that the speaking English faster does a good method. Here I am giving 15 best useful tips to speak English fluently very fast. I can guarantee in just 3 months, you will drastically pick up speaking English with the following ideas.

Tips to Learn Spoken English

Do Jam sessions ( Just a Minute)

Take some jam session topics and practise in front of a mirror or go to the field outside or go on to a terrace and speak loudly about the given topic. Practise everyday by taking one jam session topic. This will improve your spoken English skills fast. You will pick up English speaking in not more than 25 practises or for a month of Just a minute rounds.

Listening to the Language

Listening to English language as much as you can and irrespective of whether you understand it or not is the key to speaking English faster. If you rely on just studying grammar, it will not give you speaking skills. You may end up having some grammar knowledge and that is it. So practice listening tasks from various sources like Radio,TV,Documentaries,News, etc. These practices will bring fruit at the end by improving your speaking skills drastically. Psychologists always say that whatever you listen with your ears is what you speak out. Our ears are the direct route to mind. Ears are linked up with tongue and speech. So use this famous skill or tip to master speaking English Language.

Watch various English Sources of channels

Never try to watch only English news and leave out all other aspects of language. What I mean is to clearly notice how you can build up certain sources to learn speaking English. For example go and watch cricket documentary and also watch business news. Try to watch language in all angles of life. Each source has its own way of usage of language. So depending on only one source of language speaking may not benefit you in the long run. If for example mouse means in English a rat but with computer it is an accessory. So you have to listen to all spheres of language speaking. So you know how to speak English according to the context that is put before you. This way you can become a successful speaker of English.

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Learn from example of a New Born

Let us take a newly born baby as an example to understand more deeper. If a baby is born in India, he learns that particular language of the country. If a baby is born in USA, then English is spoken. My concern is about how many year a baby takes to speak English or mother tongue. It happens in just 3 to 4 years. Now try to grasp how a baby of so tiny brain and with no education could simply speak the mother tongue after few years. It all happens with “LISTENING.” So make sure to take this example as a motivation upon yourself and listen to the language as often as you can.

Speaking is a Skill that needs practice

Speaking English is not something a theory. It is to be learned with practice. For example when you want to learn a game, you don’t read books on how to play a particular sport. You will never master the sport just by reading it in the library. But you must go out and practice that sport manually and physically. This is how a skill to be mastered. English speaking is same. You must start speaking with students around you or with friends around you. This way you can master speaking effectively.

Practice more writing skills that improve spoken English

You may be wondering how writing could improve your spoken English faster. But this is perfectly a go to get catch. Writing will always improve your speaking levels. While writing some text you concentrate more than when you speak. This will allow your brain to process sentence construction more deeply and in turn helps you while speaking English with such structures stored in brain.

Participate in Essay Competitions and Public speaking

Do you know that you can improve your spoken English even by participating in some essay competitions that take place around your place? Yes you can write a good essay with perfect sentence construction. This will help you to speak English too later.

Also participate is some public speaking competitions either in your college or if you do not attend college, look for newspapers for such competitions. This way you will develop your spoken English.

Do not depend on Grammar Books

Never think that you can speak English only by reading grammar books. Learning those parts of speech and types of sentences etc. This will not fetch any fruit in regards to learning language. Grammar is required only if you want to become a poet or an expert in the field of writing. There is no such thing that speaking comes through grammar. If this is the case there are many languages out there where there is not ABC script. There is not writing at all. But people speak those script-less languages very effectively among themselves. This we can see among tribal languages.

Have a English Friend

This seems to be very difficult task. But if yo determine to have one English speaking friend who can always speak English with you, then this can change the entire style of your language. Try to set up one best who can mutually cooperate in regards to speaking English and not using local language. I can give one example for this. Once I went to one hostel mess to have my dinner. I saw 2 students speaking English through out the supper while others are speaking normally their local language. I wondered about those 2 students who spoke English till they do away with dinner. When they came out I asked them what could be the reason that they were using English in their conversation. They replied saying that they had decided to do so to improve the language speaking skills.

Learn Basic Tenses of English

Tenses have closely related to our everyday spoken English. Learning tenses can drastically reduce the time of speaking English language whatsoever. So while you start learning English, try to learn 12 basic tenses. What I mean is not to learn by heart but how to use them effectively according to the context. Once each tense is used under various contexts. If you know which are those contexts that a particular tense could be used, then you will feel the difference of knowledge in your mind. There is faster improvement.

Learn at least 1000 easy verb forms

While trying to learn spoken English, you will have use verb forms vastly. So it is mandatory to learn some 1000 verbs that are basic vocabulary. You must know all the 3 forms of verbs. i.e. present tense, past tense and past participle. Unless you know all these, you cannot get spoken English. Many students,in my experience, are not able to know basic verb forms. I once asked a student to tell me the other 2 forms of very “fly” but the student is unable to answer it. So it is very clear that this particular student cannot use past tense and past participle type sentences.

Learn Basic vocabulary 3 words a day

There is one thing that many students don’t care is about learning simple vocabulary. Many times they learn very advanced vocabulary. This is in no way useful for spoken English. No one uses advanced vocabulary for speaking English. So my suggestion is to learn simple vocabulary by reading some books and news papers and everyday usage type words. If there is a possibility, get one note book and write the meanings of simple words that you do not know. I also strongly suggest to frame one good sentence while doing so. In this way , you will have double benefit.

Repetition of English Phrases

This is a good tactic to improve your English speaking skills. You can do this while watching a English movie. Usually for non native speakers it is difficult to understand the sentence fully. So you can pause the movie and repeat what a particular character has said. Do this repetition again and again. This way you can really make a strong to yourself about how to speak English naturally and which words are best fit while constructing a sentence.

Improve pronunciation with Phonetics

The other difficult task is to learn phonetics sounds perfectly and apply them for every English word that you use in your daily life. You will surprise how wrongly are you pronouncing those words that you use every day. This is something that you must try at the end.

Reduce the usage of mother tongue

While you decide to improve you English speaking skills, the one very important consideration is to reduce the usage of speaking of you own language. When you use more of your language, it will become a barrier to learn Spoken English effectively. So make sure you do this now.

Conclusion: If you implement the basic rules and tips that I have been mentioning in this article, you can see a drastic change in the future. In my experience, you can speak a very good English in just 3 to 6 months.

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