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English language is very easy to learn when we compare to many other languages. When you want to learn any language it is highly important to know the method of learning. In this great and inspiring article I am going to tell you the secrets of fast English language learning. So therefore as a follow I would like to add the methodology of learning from the first day of learning English Language So here I am starting the daily plan and your way of approach. When you follow this methodology which I will be mentioning you must make sure to follow.

English Language as Daily English

You must start using English daily and not studying part time. Those who study part time will never improve English at all.

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You must study English in full time. What do you mean by full time study. It is just the way you spend with the language daily. In other words you must question yourself how much distant are you with your local language. This I will discuss in the next paragraph. So make a point to learn English on daily basis. Never keep time for learning the simple language.

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Avoid Using Mother Tongue and Use English Language

Another step to improve English language in thirty days is to avoid your mother tongue usage. This is the drawback for many learners as I see everyday. Students want to learn the language but are unable to focus it or unable to learn it fast just because they do most of the time spending with mother tongue. So do not use local language at all as long as you want to learn English language. Once you take this determination, you are almost half done on the way of learning language to success.

English Grammar Exercises

Do not spend too much time learning advanced grammar from books hours and hours. I suggest you to learn just basic English Grammar Exercises to know basic rules of English. So If you understand the tenses like Present Tense Past Tense and Future Tense and their usage and that is quite enough to speak English fluently. So last but not so least just avoid learning too much grammar in every way. Practice tenses on daily basis and especially the uses of each tense according to the situation. Concentrate on usage of tenses mostly. I hope this will do.

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Talk English

I recommend you to get one English friend around you. Choose one person who can understand you better and just take a hundred day challenge to speak English only. So once you take this challenge then you are highly successful. Do understand that this will surely benefit you in every way. Do not keep yourself far from talking because of shyness of for some other reason. If you do not have opportunity to speak to your friend then just speak to yourself by sitting in front of your mirror. This way you will have natural way.

Listen English language

So now it is time to listen to English for 4 hours daily. It is compulsory action that you must follow if you want to learn English in hundred day.

This formula has been working for many of my students and myself now am an excellent speaker just by listening to English Language. The best way to listen to English language is to watch Television. If you watch television everyday and all its documentaries or news then you will get English in hundred day. It is my open challenge to any one. Just listen 4 hours to English Language and that is it you are successful. LISTENING ENGLISH LANGUAGE EVERY DAY is the best Idea one can have. If you cannot do this and you are doing all other things like learning basic grammar or talking English then you are in a soup and doing a big mistake in your life in terms of learning. So this listening take highest prior rule in the methodology which I have been mentioning since the starting of this article. So never forget this rule or else you will never learn or speak English. So use television and radio and mobiles to do this work.

Reading Novels

Now I want to discuss in this hundred day period to spend your time in reading novels. The more you read novels the better your communication skills develops in easiest way possible. So you must always read some story books or novels and put some thirty to one hour everyday to just reading novels or story lines. I am pretty confident that you will blast English differently with new and stylish structures and you will frame nice English sentence if you read more and more. This way you can just push yourselves closer to advanced speakers of English Language.

Basic daily vocabulary

No doubt vocabulary means not taking dictionary and learning. It has to be learn by observing the things around. This is the best way of learning English vocabulary. Do not attempt to learn huge and difficult words and think yourselves great for sometime. This is something foolish. So depend on daily vocabulary like names of human organs and kitchen items and household objects around you. This is one method that is highly asked to many of my students to do. and it is very inspiring method for fast English. So start now learning English.

English as a second language fear

Never think English as a second language. This is my advice very strong. When you think English as a second language means you are lowering your confidence levels. Do not think so. Always think you are a native speaker and act as if it is your mother tongue. This type of thinking is psychologically strong. You can be more confident in achieving your aim and goal of leaning English and speak it like others. So now it is the time to do.

Conclusion: The above points must be followed for hundred days with full determination.