About me

About Me

Hi, I’m Shyam Reddy  and I hope my site is useful for you.

I’m an Indian speaker of English. I have a degree from Urbaniana University, Rome,Italy  and I’ve been teaching English to foreign students and local students for many years.

I’ve taught business people, children, doctors, university students and grandmothers in Argentina, Santiago, Chile, Nairobi, Kuala Lumpur, Johannesburg and most recently in Falkland Islands
I love teaching and I love thinking about language. I study German (my level is close to advanced)  I also like coffee, and travelling.

I hope you like the site! Please mail me if you have any questions or comments – I’d be delighted to hear from you.

My students’ Letters

prem kumar
Today at 9:25 PM
Thank you so much sir. I feel so happy for winning such a good impression from you. I can still remember your last class. I know how much you struggled to teach us English and even discipline. Dear sir, I pray that Lord Jesus Christ should encamp you with his angels to protect you and your family always. May he lead you to the glorious destiny that he had already planned for your life before you were formed in the mother’s womb. I believe that you are a predestined and chosen one. May you be used as a valuable vessel in the mighty hands of the Lord. Love you sir. May the Lord God bless you sir.