B.tech 1st year jntu english notes

Important Questions Btech English

1.Describe the work that got Raman a Noble prize.
2.Describe how education is the greatest resource.
3.List any five derived adjectives ending with the suffix –ic and use them in your own  sentences.
4.Write synonyms to the following:
i) Affection ii) Pious iii) Tenacity iv) Harness v) Mettle
5.List possible to clear the dilemma that the layman has in his mind? If yes, how can we clear it? If no, why can’t we clear the dilemma?
6. Provide meanings to the following expressions and use the expressions in your own sentences.
i)cat nap ii) copy cat iii) get the lion’s share iv)  kill two birds with one stone v) raining cats and dogs
7. Note the contributions of Homi Jehangir Bhabha.
8. Write letter to friend to study well for competitive exams for a bank job. Give him  some suggestions.
9. Correct the following sentences.
i. Kiran is more strong than Kishore.
ii. I love fruits salad instead of sweet for desert.
iii. There are much issues involved in this.
iv. Trisha is senior than me.
v. Due to demonetization, everyone have got no change.
10.Write antonyms to the following.
i) Generous ii) Inferior iii) Immense iv) Hindrance v) Chasm
11.Write an e-mail to the Principal of your college along with a copy to the Head of the department proposing to start a technical        club in your college.
12. Correct the following sentences.
i.  The new scissor I have bought are blunt.
ii. He is one of the tallest student in the class.
iii. Charlie is a smartest boy in the class.
iv. Either the boss or his employees is wrong.
v. Not only the students but also the teacher have been called by the director.
13. Describe how cultural shock is caused. What are the feelings of a person who is affected by cultural shock?
14. Write synonyms to the following:
i) Exponent ii) Cascade iii) Mesmerized iv) Epicenter v) Ascribe
15. Write a letter to a hostel management requesting them to allot a room in the first floor after you return from summer vacation as     you fell ill during the summer holidays.
16. Why is called Abdul Kalam called the ‘Missile Man’ of India? Name a few awards that Kalam won.
17. Correct the following sentences.
i. Finally summer vacations are announced.
ii. None of my friends is in the classroom today.
iii. Bread and butter are our breakfast every day.
iv. A herd of cattles crossed the road.
v. Politics are not my cup of tea.
18. List any five derived nouns ending with the suffix –ment and use them in your own sentences.

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