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  • Dowry
  • Population Control
  • Bribery
  • Pollution
  • Corruption
  • Video Gaming
  • Sports
  • Education
  • Illiteracy
  • Poverty

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Dowry is one of the prevailing practices in the society.

At the current time dowry has turned into a curse at times it will become hard to quench the desire of woman’s father-in-law. He compels increasingly more the woman’s parents to provide something or another. If his greed isn’t happy, the woman is tortured. In this condition often a recently married woman of a poor family commits suicide.

Married women suffer considerably. On occasion a youthful bride expires in a shop explosion and occasionally discovered hanging from a ceiling fan. This occurs every time a woman doesn’t bring sufficient money from her parents. “The requirement of a individual can be fulfilled but not the greed”.

Demanding assessed if public opinion is shaped against it. This can’t be assessed without the aid of the general public.

Young boys ought to realise they aren’t commodities to be marketed. Young women should refuse to wed young boys whose parents are covetous. Without conclusion, the wicked can’t evaporate.

‘Cash isn’t the supply of happiness but it’s the origin of pain. As soon as we get it, it gives pain, once we shield it, it gives pain plus it provides pain when it’s lost.’

Population Control

In the topic of inhabitants , India is the 2nd biggest nation on the planet. In this regard, she’s next only to China, but she’s a far smaller land mass when compared with China.

India has among the most liberal legislation on abortion in the entire world. However, this has led in a different malady and that’s the menace of female feticide that’s the end result of simple access to scanning machines in most towns and cities and which has attracted the female ratio in some States such as Punjab and Haryana into a dangerously low level.

Regardless of all of the attempts to provide a fillip to poverty, a fantastic mass of individuals remains illiterate, especially in rural and slum areas. Furthermore, they’re not much aware of these devices and methods of family planning. Many folks, particularly those belonging to the lower strata of society believe that should they possess more hands from the household, their earnings can increase. However, they don’t care or understand that each new comer also will come with a mouth that’s to be fed.

The multiplying numbers need more food, clothes, housing, health care, education, occupation, etc.. Surely, in the future neither food nor tasks along with other provisions, facilities and supplies may keep up with the amounts.

Sothe best way and the only strategy would be to assess people for which extreme measures should be embraced. Those with large families must be forced to pay hefty taxes and people with small families of a couple of children only ought to be rewarded.


Bribery is a classic notion with history. In the last several decades, it has become a serious issue all around the world. When speaking to this bribery, corrupt political scandals in background or any present governments might frequently be involved. But, with the evolution of global commerce, bribe has permeated from the global enterprise. Multinational businesses have a tendency to give bribes to local officials to exchanges a number of advantages in business or find several orders in local authorities. Especially, they are inclined to give bribes to officials or authorities of developing nations, where corruption is normal and bribe is also vital. Bribe was considered immoral and even illegal in several countries. Though a lot of nations and global organizations are attempting to stop and decrease bribes, the paychecks actions never cease, so a solid motivation ahead of the paychecks actions. The motivation is that the instinct of business: chasing the maximization of pursuits. The writer regards that though bribe isn’t a fantastic situation, it’s crucial to supply a bribe in certain conditions, particularly in the nations where bribe is a favorite. Consequently, bribe is imperative to maximize the yield of investment in certain scenarios. In Austria, bribe isn’t essential, for regulations and laws could be followed closely by many of businessmen. A fair market rivalry could be guaranteed. Therefore, companies don’t have to bribe. In this kind of circumstance, overseas firm usually chooses to provide bribe to receive orders in local location. In this informative article, the writer will firstly describe why bribe is crucial for employers in certain scenarios. And the writer will retort some folks’s thought that bribe isn’t vital to optimize interests with illustrations.


The increasing day by day pollution isn’t simply endangering our naturally beautiful surroundings, but can also be posing some severe and chronic ailments affecting the lives in the world. One of the most essential sorts of the contamination are air pollution, water contamination, soil contamination and noise pollution.

Air pollution is mainly brought on by the vehicles emitting both the dangerous and toxic gases, smoke from factories and start burningburning of fossil fuels. We will need to see it makes it hard for plants, animals and people to live as the air becomes more polluted. After the oxygen level in the surroundings reduces because of emissions of Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide the imbalance brought on by the growth or reduction of the proportion of those gases can be detrimental to survival.

When the poisonous waste of factories and businesses is directly discharged into water bodies, then it contaminates themthus causing water contamination. Soil pollution is a result of the existence of harmful compounds in the organic soil environment brought on by industrial action, agricultural compounds, improper disposal of waste and application of insecticides and fertilizers. It directly influences our sanity as we consume the plants grown in this land only.
The likely sources of noise pollution would be the factories and businesses where large machines with compressors and generators are used, plane engines, train noises, house appliances, noises from building sites, traffic sound of moving trucks, buses, automobiles, and cars with blow fires. It cuts the ear sensitivity to the noise that’s required to manage body rhythm and impacts both the cognitive health and triggers combative behaviour, disturbed sleep, and stressful lifestyle.

We will need to know this to lead a clean and happy lifestyle it’s extremely important to fight all these pollutions and preserve our environment and its natural resources from jealousy.


A place where everybody works hard and gets exactly what he deserves. An area that provides equal opportunity to everybody based on their understanding and skills no matter the caste, colour, creed or religion. A place where folks do not use others around to have reach their selfish motives.

Everybody is so enthusiastic about making money and improving their lifestyle which they don’t mind using tainted techniques to satisfy their dreams and aspirations. It’s a frequent belief that individuals who operate with honesty are not able to reach anyplace. They barely get any advertising and continue to make meagre wages. On the flip side, those who find bribes and use unjust means to do their jobs climb up the ladder of success and create a better living.

It has to be known that although utilizing tainted ways is a simple way to generate money in many cases but it doesn’t really make you more happy. You might do well monetarily utilizing such ill-practices but can you get reassurance? No! You might find temporary happiness but at the future you’ll remain dissatisfied and miserable.

If every one of us need to have a pledge to depart corrupt practices. In this manner that our life will become greater and our nation will turn into a far better location.

Video Gaming

Video Games as a whole look harmless, countless children spend hours enthralled by these on the everyday. On the outside there isn’t any deep rooted issue seeing this, however in this day of age where folks lose their lives every day, we must ask are those so called”benign entertainment goods” influencing the heads of our childhood in an unforeseeable manner? Approximately 90 percent of kids in the USA play with video games, and over 90 percent of these games are more like to add picture violent content. When there are studies which claim there is a shortage of a powerful effect between violent media and acts of violence, an ever growing body of research really supports the notion that violent video games can make children behave more aggressively in their real world associations, cause a rise in their competitive behaviours, lower their compassion, which makes them less type, and mimicking the thought that resolution could stem out of violence. Last but not least, a lot of those responsible for mass shooting have been discovered to have played video games.


Getting involved in games and sports is beneficial to get a person being in several ways. It gives strength and confidence to perform many different tasks, it relieves tension and allows you to feel energetic complete moment.

Outdoor games such as soccer, badminton etc are crucial for bodily strength and fitness whereas indoor games such as carom, chess, sudoku etc are crucial in enhancing concentration and mind power. A lot of men and women believe playing games or sports will cause you to feel exhausted and loose that your power and you can’t focus in any other action, but this perception is totally erroneous.


It is made up of three main elements – general education, vocational and technical, which until liberalisation of market have been public domaini.e. that they had been State’s responsibility course grading separated education system from Main degree to Master degree into 17 decades. Institutional set-up like university is known as the fundamental infrastructure that is determinant of instructional improvement.

Since the liberalisation of market, the education industry was opened for the private industry and for its joint venture investment. Before 1990 when schooling sector was State-led that was presumed good but the restricted funds’ allocation to schooling had restricted its growth jobs.

This led to the development of this free educational marketplace retaining the customers in the center with options of quality, volume and other parameters. But, pattern of yearly examination is reportedly seriously contentious for successful measurement of quality, performance and standard. Comparatively, semester evaluation is much better in this respect and It’s slowly becoming popular


It’s a pity to note that, the nation which gave Epics such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata to the entire world ought to, from the rented Century turn out to become one among the most populous states of the planet. This has become is obviously not much to seek. In the comprehension of a layman, it’s apparent that India has stayed so very illiterate since it’s, for centuries been servant to somebody or another. The rulers, whoever they might have been never needed the Indians to become educated as, an educated mass of guys would be tricky to predominate, and thus they never needed them to boost their own heads, and thus, kept them off in the light of schooling. So much of course could be known however, the sad narrative of the Indian people is that their own rulers, the Indians had no distinct mindset, they even wanted the Indians to stay largely illiterate for the exact same reason as the thieves had needed. The same as the foreign rulers that the Indian rulers thought that an educated people might not be quite as easy to control so that they also followed the trail set by their predecessors. Other than this, if the masses stayed uneducated, any type of manipulation may be readily handled in the favour of their rulers. Thus, because the Indian rulers wanted to maintain the Indian people apart in the light of comprehension, the end result is for all people to find that, even after fifty decades of independence, India is still lagging behind the world in its own ratio of educated / literate and the illiterate.


Every government tries to decrease the amount of bad individuals within the nation. There’s large variety of welfare schemes for this use. The poverty line turns out to be a significant instrument in the successful formulation and execution of these welfare policies.

The poverty line ought to be described in such a manner that no needy person has been left out.

India is a nation with limited resources and we have to realize that funds must be used in a justifiable way so that maximum amount people can be drawn to over poverty line. So the particular use of welfare finance is of extreme significance in developing nation like India.

The poverty line can’t be characterized by a mechanical definition such as just those individuals whose income is under $1.25. As this could exclude someone whose income is $ two, though he may require assistance also.

Therefore a broad, detailed and energetic approach is necessary to define the poverty line.

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