Best Way to Learn English

Best Way to Learn English

What is theĀ Best Way to Learn English you may be taking a great struggle While learning English trying your best. some times your ways in learning English may not apt. You spend hours and hours trying to speak fluent English. But the problem is that you never see improvement. There are many students and professionals struggling to learn English. But they fail and some give up. They do not know learning English and more over the Best Way to Learn English

Why do you fail:

The method that you implement to learn English or to speak fluent English is wrong one. That may not be the Best Way to Learn English If you choose right method then it is easy for you to speak or learn this language easily.

What is the Best Way to Learn English quickly

Methods of leaening English language:

1. Listening: This is the first and foremost thing that you must implement in theprocess of learning any language.Do not try any other method to learn English. If at all you want to learn English, listening takes its first priority. Here I would like to give you o e real example A baby who is born in a particular place and live in tne same place for 3 to 5 years, the baby could speak the language of the place. Baby also understands when others speak. In thesame way if you want to speak English you must take the example of a baby. Baby never goes to school or learn all of a sudden. They spend 5 years at home.They learn to speak a language with oyt going to school or any spoken language institutes. All must apply this example. If ay all you wabt to speak any language be it Englush or any other language, You must do it initially through listening. While listening do mot bother whether are you understanding such langyage or not. Go on doing this by watching English news and movies. I am syre hat after one year you will get through the words an the accent autimatically.


2nd stage:

How to learn English easily at home

Spaek English as much as you can in real and fake atmosphere For this I suggest to have an English friend..This means you choose someone with whom you are highly comfortable. Try to speak Engljsh whenever you meet him ir her. You can also make a telephone call. Create opportunities to speak English. Do not feel shy to do this. The more you try to speak, yhe better yoy can speak spontaneously. In this way you do not need to translate your native language into English. Do this on regular basis. Do listening all the time.So listening and speaking are very important to Learn English rather tgan sitting and studying grammar books

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