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Best ways to study

Studying is a hard thing for any student. Though we have interest in studying, sometimes we become lazy. This laziness will lead to not to study in the long run. I have some options here to analyze some best ways to study any subject effectively and systematically. There are many ways to study a subject. But we may not know some best ways of studying.

best ways to study

best ways to study

5 Proven Best ways to study

Love for the subject: Do you like the subject which you study? Otherwise it is difficult. If you do not have interest and likeness, you must try for that. Go in front of the mirror and say to yourself. “English I like you” So this is the first best way to study. Without love for the subject you can never win the study world. So think of this once.

Reflective Approach

What is a reflective approach? It means that what you study must not limited to one hour or 2 hours. If you set a time of one hour in a day for study, then this isĀ  a problem. you must reflect on the subject which ever work you do. For example you are loving a person, can’t you think of him or her even when you do other works? This is called reflective approach. This can also happen only when you love the subject you study. So keep on reflecting on what you study for one hour or two hours or the class which you listen. If you follow this tip half of the work becomes very easy. you will be highly successful in studying.

Never set time for studying

Students who set time for studying may win but they cannot get 100% successful marks in scoring. The reason is they study for one hour or two hours and the rest of the time they forget. When you set time, then you mind tells not to study other times. So whenever you are free take book and study. These are best ways to study

100 days before exam

You must prepare specially hundred day before the exam. What is that specially mean? It means filtering all unnecessary stuff from subject. This implies that you must get ready previous question papers. At least I suggest to get 5 years previous question papers ready in your hand. you must thoroughly study all the 5 years question papers seriously. If it is new syllabus where previous questions are not eligible then you must go with just studying some 100 very important question as handy. Ready daily one question and it will take you to finish 100 questions in hundred day. Always remember what you study is what you must reflect whole the day which ever work you do. This is one of the best ways to study before the exam to be highly successful in the subject you target.

Commitment and Dedication

Finally I remind you not to lose interest in the middle of the way. Many students start studying seriously. But they give up in the middle. However this is not the right strategy to study. You full time commitment plays stupendous role. You must be studious in nature. If you do not have, cultivate it. In addition to this dedication, there may be daily struggles in your life. These daily problems will put you in a situation not to study.So you have to overcome this. Many students drop here. They all of a sudden lack any kind of dedication to study and live a life which is worth enough. So make sure you develop these great qualities of dedication and commitment through out your studies. I wish you great times in studying.

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  • Shyam Reddy ( Asst.Prof. English)
  • First published (2-11-2016)
  • India