Jagadish Chandra Bose

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2. a) Who most influenced Jagadish’s value system when he was young?
Ans: His mother Bhama Sundari Influenced  Jagadish’s value system

b) Name the place where Jagadish was born? What was his parental village? Which country is it now situated in?
Ans: He was born in a village named Mymensingh, Parental village is Rarikhal Bikrampur. Nowit is situated in Bangladesh.

C) Explain how the name Bikrampur represented the attitude of its residents
Ans: In Sanskrit Bikram means bravery. The attitude developed by it and constantly fought with thugs to safeguard their kin

d) What kind of a person was? Which service was he into?
Ans: Bose’s father was a fearless leader. He served British government in various executive and magisterial positions.

e) Explain how Jagadish learned the lesson of “Sarvadhrarma Samabhav” early in his childhood?
Ans: At home his mother treated his classmates like her own children and fed them as she did Jagadish. This led him learn the lesson of Sarvadharma samabhav

f) Explain how Jagadish’s father was different from other magistrates
Ans: He was a leader who was ready to lead from the front i case of need and who could have command over his force and his people as well. He was courageous magistrate.

g) What do you mean by a vernacular school? Why was Jagadish put in to a vernacular school?
Ans: Vernacular means in the text that Jagadish joined in local language school being native language as a medium of instruction. He was put there to know the society and various people especially.

h.Who did Jagadish’s father assign the task of taking care of Jagadish when he was just four? How did he save them once?
Ans: Jagadish’s father assigned the task of taking care to a Dacoit. Once the family was on a trip to a place on a boat. Some attackers tried to attack and rob the family. But the caretaker being dacoit signalled.

I Which two notable schools did Bose go to in Calcutta? Who was the famous personality of St.Xavier’s College where Jagadish went and why?
Ans: Bose went to Hare school and St. Xavier’s school. The famous personality was Rev.Fr. Eugene Lafont. He contributed a lot to modern science and called as father of modern science.

j) What was the problem in Jagadish going to England? How was it solved?
The financial condition of the family was not good. Mother sold her jewellery and ornaments and solved the problem.

K) What was Bose initially  to study in England? What did he later take up?
Ans: Bose supposed to study medicine. He took up studying science later due to fever and ill health

L) Why did bose’s father want to do business?
Ans: Bose’s father wanted to do business because Britisher’s were making huge profits in India without any Indian challenging the status quo

m) What were two types of services devised by the British in the Indian Education Services? Why?
Ans: The 2 types were Provincial Service Imperial Education Service
Because Indian people could not grasp science. So provincial Services were offered to Indian.

n) What was Branley’s experiment and its importance?
Ans: The presence of nearby electromagnetic disturbance reduced the resistance of otherwise non conducting platinum deposited on the glass. Later it is important because it is used in microwave ovens in households.

o) Name the topmost award in the field of science that Bose received ? What was it given for?
Ans: The top most award was Companion of the order of the star of India( CSI). It was given for the contribution in scientific knowledge.

p) What were the new types of radio waves demonstrated by Bose?
Ans: Microwaves as small as 1 centimetre to 5 millimeters

3. Match the following:
1 ……..E

4. Fill in the blanks
1. Royal Institute of Science
2. Rev.Fr.Eugene
3. Christ’s
4. Rowing
5. Cambridge
6. 1884
7. Argon
8. Shimla
9. Brahmo
10. Jatras or Folk Plays
11. Rev.Fr. Eugene Lafont
12. Physical Science
13. Lord Rayleigh
14.  The Electrician
15  Jc Bose/1901

5 Choose the answers to below questions
1.    Physicist, Botanist
2.    Mymensingh
3.    Deputy Magistrate
4.    Tea
5.    Hare School
6.    None of the above
7.    Christ College
8.    Presidency College
9.    None of the above
10.  Cresco graph

1.why was Bose initially reluctant to go to Europe for further study?
Ans: After his studies in India for higher studies Bose wanted to go to England.However there were hindrances to be surmounted. One, his mother Bamasundari had already lost a son and sending another son so far away in a foreign land was not bearable to her. Two, the financial condition of the family was not  good at that time. Jagadish had almost made up his mind not to go

3.    How did Bose show his resentment on being unequally treated at the Imperial Education Society?
4.    What was the thought process behind Bose remaining  against patenting his inventions?
5.    What led bose to believe more in the underlying unity in the natural world between living and non living?
6.    What was the most famous devise invented by Bose? What did it do?
7.    Name the schools Bose went to and what his experience was.
8.    Describe Bose’s efforts to establish a research institute. When did he achieve?
9.    When and Why was invited to Paris? What was Swami Vivekananda praise words?
10.    Explain the research done by Bose on radio waves and radio communication.

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