Btech English Model Paper

Btech English Model paper (R16)

1. a) On what does the nature of science depend ?
b ) Why does the author say that  the ‘know-how’ produced by science and technology is an “unfinished sentence”?
c) Why does the author feel that women are more affected by culture shock than their husbands?
d) How does Shirley Jackson’s choice to withhold the ultimate purpose of this tradition until the end of the story prove to be an effective way to communicate with her readers? How did you feel  at the end as a result of not knowing?
e) What was the reaction to Ramanujan’s letter to Hardy in Cambridge circles?
f) Name the company Ray founded. With what objectives did Ray establish it?
g) What do you mean by a vernacular school? Why was Jagadish put in to a vernacular school?

2. a) What is black box? Who made it? When and why is it significant?
b) What were the three steps Bhabha thought necessary for the Indian Nuclear Program?
c)  Write an email to the recruiter to change the date of your job appointment at a later stage.

3.    a) What are the measures the author to manage health problems due to climate  changes?
b)  Which events led to Raman accepting directorship at IISc  Bangalore?
c) Derive adjectives from the following adverbs and use in your own sentences?
1. Profusely 2. Defiantly  3. Reluctantly 4  Nervously  5. Hastily

4.  a) Describe the scene and the speaker of the following quote – “ It isn’t fair, it isn’t right”
b)  Explain the work Kalam did at DRDO.
C)   Write the synonyms for the following
1) Epithet   2) Harness  3) Mettle 4) Pursue  5) Kindred

5   a) What was conducted on rodents?
b) What was Hardy’s dilemma when Ramanujan went to England under his mentorship?
c) Write antonyms for the following
1) Paternal
2) Unanimous
3) Deteriorate
4) Fluctuation
5) Accumulate

6  a)  Describe how Gates worked for the development of Microsoft
b)  Note contributions of Ernest Rutherford
c)   Say which word is attribute or predicative or both
1. Busy
2. Criminal
3. Preliminary
4. Sure
5. Afraid

7. a) Write about the childhood of Bill Gates
b)  Who was on a trip to India from England and what arrangement made to take Ramanujan with him
c) Match the following
1) Broadminded ………  ease
2) Regression ………….. Underwhelming
3) Variation ………………. Biased
4) Discomfort……………. Harmony
5) tremendous…………. progression

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