BTech English 1-1 Model Papers

BTech English 1-1  Model Paper – 1



PART-A                                                                                                                 72=14M

1.Have you heard of Srinivasa Ramanujan?
2.Who was Charles?
3.There is a need to enforce traffic rules and regulations strictly?
4.Why was the woman who entered the carriage upset?
5.Write some advantages anddisadvantages of technology?
6.Write about two alternative energy devices?
7.How did martin luther king embrace his African roots?


PART-B                                                                                                                 4×14=56M

2.a)What kinds of jobs do Indians primarily seek in other coutries? (5M)
b)What is the shadowly meaning Mr.Neave  has at the end of the story. (6M)
c)A:What_______you_____now?(do) (3M)
B:I_______in a factory(work)
A:What _______you ______earlier?(do)
B:I_______the lands of a farmer in a village(cultivate)
A:________your wife _______now?(work)
B:Yes,she ______ part time and also________ after the baby at home (work)(work)


  1. a)What is the cultural theme of the story ware (6M)

b)What is the main cause of accidents (5M)

  1. c) (3M)

PROBLEMS      Solutions                                                                                 

3.Traffic jam                                                      
Traffic regulations
4.Peak hour traffic          


4.a)evaluate  atleast three alternative source of energy?  (6M)
b)Describe the havoc caused by hirakud dam and its aftermath?
c)Write one paragraph each on any two of the following (3M)
1)production by the mass
2)solar energy
3)animal protection
5.a)What are salim ali’s contribution as an environmentalist?
b)Do you think Mriganko babu really saw abhiram?give reasons to support your answer

c)Write antonyms
5.destroy morose

BTech English 1-1  Model Paper – 2



1.a)What kind of a person is Harold?
b)How does foreman expand his business?
c)How did martin luther king embrace his African roots?
d)What do you think about human resources after listening?
e)Does consumption of biomass effect forest resources?how?
f)Is development  a major factor in the adoption of an alterna-tive energy sources?
g)Who is salim ali ? Write some thing about it?



1.a)What is the underlying irony in the story ‘an ideal family’?
b)what is the lesson about human resources?
ii)i________in a factory
iii)what______you _______earlier?
iv)_______your  wife _______now?

2.a)what is the central them of the story ‘war’?
b)what does the problem of increasing accidents imply?
Explain briefly?
c)find the how many syllables to the following words
3.a)write a detailed character sketch of albert foreman.
b)write briefly about lesson ‘evaluating technology?
c)write the meanings of the following words
4.a)what is twist at the end of story”the scare crow”?
Is it believable?
b)write upto 25 lines on alternative sources?
c)write full forms of given words
ii) SPRD
iv) ESCO

5.a)give a detailed description of the havoc caused by the hirak-ud dam and its aftermath?
b)write something about vanishing animals? Briefly?

  1. c) i)who is salim ali?

b)cricket player
d)football player
ii)how many years did salim ali dedicated his life to study of birds?

a)20             b)30           c)40           d)55
iii)salim  also known as_________.
iv)salimaliis not only a great naturalist but also
a)an explorer
b)football player


6.a)how does the author present different opinions on racism And slavery?
b)write differences between personal relationships  versus professional relationships?
c)write synonyms of following words



BTech English 1-1  Model Paper – 3



Answer the following questions  each question carries two marks        7X2=14

  1. write about the author of an Ideal family ?
  2. How does the other passenger courry him ?
  3. What is the theme of the A Village Lost to the Nation ?
  4. Explain about silent spring ?
  5. Expand i)DRE ii)SPRD  iii)SPI   iv)ESCO
  6. write a short note on bird man ?
  7. what are the Author’s views on racism ?


Part B

Answer any 4 of the following

1.a) write summary of An Ideal family ?                     (4+5+5)marks

  1. b) write passage on Srinivas Ramanujam ?
  2. match the following

(i)   saunty         {  }      (a) cheerful
(ii)   suave        {  }      (b) waked stiffly
(iii)  appalling   {  }      (c)  waked in a  slow
(iv) stumped    {  }      (d) charming
(v) sauntered  {  }      (e) shocking


2.a) what is the central  theme of story ‘war’ ?     (6+6+2)marks

  1. b) How would you solve the traffic problems ?
  2. c) Here is a list of useful expressions . Make sure you can pronounce the words . note stressed syllable.
  3. to lodge a complaint
  4. to account for


3.a)write a  detailed character sketch of Albert Foreman ?

  1. b) Explain about solar cookers ?
  2. c) Answers the following meanings

(i) genuflect
(ii) vestry
(iii) complacence


4.a) what is the twist at the end of the scare crown ?

  1. b) write short note on two alternative devices ?
  2. c) In pairs ,decide what energy is used for cooking in the following places .

(i) a five star hotel             (iii) a fast food place
(ii) a village hotel               (iv)  an industrial canteen.


  1. a) Give a detailed description of the havoc caused Hirakud dam after mouth ? (5+5+4)marks
  2. b) write about Salim Ail ?
  3. c) true or false
  4. snakes are slimy creature.

2.snakes reproduce by laying eggs
3.snakes can be tamed and kept as pets .

  1. cobras spit venom into the eyes of their enemies .


6.a)Give a detailed detaild description of Martin luther kings contribution ?    (6+5+3)marks

  1. b) Explain about personal versus professional relationships ?
  2. c) Verbs             noun           noun2

pollute           ——–          ———
catalyse         ———         ———-
corrode          ———         ———-


BTech English 1-1  Model Paper – 4



Write some detailed account about Srinivasa Ramanujan.
Write about Lirigi Pirandello and about what the author wishes to convey through his story?
Narrate the discussion between the bank manager and foreman?
What is pedal power?
Write the central theme of the Martin luther king?
Who is Salim Ali? What was his contribution?
How were the villages affected by Hirakud Dam?



What are the types of visas and advantages of having H1-B visa and limitations of it?
What are the significances of the dream that Mr.Neave has?
Fill the blanks in the passage using the words.
Srinvasa Ramanujan,born a hundred years ____was a great mathematical genius. To be exact,he was born____1887.___he was twenty two years ago old he married Janaki. He accepted a clerical position in the Madras part trust office. ____he worked as a clerk. He has engrossed in Mathematics.

Write down the precautions on road safety and about the public health issues?
What is the central theme of the story “War”?
Now try to match each word in column A with the meaning in column B.

A                                                                                                             B

                Plying                                                                    non-observance (of rules etc.,)

                Enforce                                                                 danger

                Fatal                                                                      moving between places

                Violation                                                              a person who walks

                Pedestrians                                                        secure

                Stringent                                                             abnormal accumulation of people, traffic.

                Regulations                                                        resulting in deathStray

                Congestion                                                         rules

                Hazard                                                                 wandering



Write detail account on usage of solar cookers?(4M)

Write detailed character sketch of Albert Foreman?(5M)

It is sometime towards the end of the twenty-first century. Imagine you are living in an Indian village. Write a paragraph describing what the village looks like under the impact of technology over years?(5M)


What are the Alternative sources of energy? Write about two alternative energy devices?(5M)
What is the twist at the end? Is it believable?(5M)
Make nouns of the following verbs by adding the suffix-tion.(4M)




Write the detailed account on the vanishing animals.(5M)
Give detailed description of havoc  caused by the Hirakud Dam and its aftermath.(4M)
Write brief description of an animal and a bird familiar to you. Here are some hints to describe a cat.(5M)


Write the difference between personal and professional relationship?
Give a detailed description of Martin Luther King’s contribution to eradication of discrimination against African-Americans.(5M)
Find as man other safety rules as you can?(4M)

BTech English 1-1  Model Paper – 5


1.Answer the following questions.

What is meant by “human resource”? Give examples for various professions?
What are the major problems faced by public because of auto drivers? Write any three?
What is the difference between mass production and production by mass?
Define alternative energy source. Give examples.
Mention any two actions  of humans that lead to animal extinct. Explain how these actions affect animals?
Define professional and personal relationships with examples.
Write about Harold in the story “An Ideal Family”?




What are the features of an Ideal family missing in Mr.Neave’s?
Define the role of human resources in any industry.
How can this resource strengthen the industry?




What is central theme of the story “war”?
What do you think are the causes for traffic problems in small  town market places?
Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper and list the problems faced by traffic police on the roads to control and reduce accidents.

Write at least two synonyms for the following

  1. i) Abundant
  2. ii) Reliant
  3. iii) Complacence


Discuss the benifits and disadvantages of  technology?
Write the story “The scare crow” from Abhiram’s point of view?


Match the following antonyms

A                                                                                             B

Rudimentary                                         a) Concern

Apathy                                                   b) Familiar

Desolate                                                                c) Sophisticated

Uncanny                                                                d) Straight

Appalling                                                               e) Pleasant

Distorted                                                               f ) Befriend



What are the characteristics of Albert Edward Foreman that the youth have to learn from him?
What made Martin luther king worthy of honor and celebration even today?
Write a paragraph regarding given picture (250 lines)
Main reason for migration to|from the UK-2007.



Do experience and safety go together? Give reasons with examples from different Industries?
Write story on A village lost by Nation?
Write a paragraph on My home town?

BTech English 1-1  Model Paper – 6




Answer the following all questions as given below. Every question will carry 2 marks.

(a) Why Ramanujan failed to obtain a college education ?And want is the reason.
(b) What are the solutions you are going to suggests to transport minister about traffic?
(c) Which part can group discussion play in the training of employees.
(d) List the problems involved in producing and using electricity in India.
(e) Who is the author and what are the characters involved in “Ideal Family”?
(f) What are the fat man’s feeling towards sending children to war?
(g)What is the theme of “A village lost to the nation”?


Answer any four questions as given below. Each question carries 14 marks

(a). what do you know about Srinivasa Ramanujan?
(b).Which do you think makes an ideal family for you? List the qualities and roles of each member in the family state your role in making your family an Ideal one/
(c).Fill in the blanks in this passage using these words

ago   while  at   for   in   when   on

Srinivas Ramanujan, born a hundred years ………..was a great mathematical genius to be exat , he was twenty two years old he married janaki.He accepted a clerical position in Madras post trust office………he worked as a clerk he was engrossed in mathematics.


  1. (a) A scientific systems approach to road safety. Suggest your answer

(b) What is the central theme of the story ‘War’?
(c) Place a thick mark against the correct answer.

(i).The sanctioned amount for the sky bus metro project is

  1. Rs.25,000 cr
  2. Rs 50,000 cr
  3. Rs 10,000 cr

(ii). The project will operate in

  1. 3 cities
  2. 5 cities
  3. 7 cities

(iii).The maximum speed of sky bus is

  1. 225 km per hour
  2. 200 km per hour
  3. 100 km per hour


  1. (a).Mass production is highly captal intensive suggest your answer

(b).Write a detailed character sketch of Albert foreman.
(c).Which of the following statements are true and which are false
(i).Mass production is the technology of poor.
(ii).The technology of production by the masses is harmful to ecology.


  1. (a).Energy conservation is cheaper than extra energy production . Support your answer.

(b).Who was Mriganko sheker Mukhopadhyay ?What did Mriganko babu notice waiting for his driver to return?

(c).Answer the following meanings

(1). amiable


  1. (a).What are the efforts being made at present to preserve wildlife?

(b).How were the villages affected by the Hirakud dam

(c).Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition.

That was our life………a village now lost forever ………the depth of the reservoir. As we were returning , turned back  one last time. There lay the remnants………..our village   and our beautiful childhood , like a silhouette.

  1. (a).Write a bref note on personal and professional relationships.

(b).In what way did Mahatma Gandhi influence Martin Luther King.

(c).Below is a list of verbs two nouns can be formed from each verb. The first line is completed for you. Write the nouns for the remaining verbs


Verbs.                           Noun 1.                               Noun 2.

Pollute                      pollution                           pollutant

React                         ……………                            ..…………..

Absorb                      ……………                            …………….

Corrode                    ……………                             …………….