Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English

What is Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English

Today I would like to discuss in detail about one important course. The name of this great course is Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English This type of courses are very rare. They can fetch enough competence in the area of English subject. However if you want to pursue this course what are the requirements ? What is the level we need? What is the final outcome after the completion of the course. I will be telling now in detail after good amount of research in Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English.

Recognition of Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English

There are about 6500 Business institutions and so many educational institutes and departments around the world who recognize this course. They want employees with this certificate. They prefer these people are with high skills. With this type of course, you can work, live in English Speaking or European countries very well. You can get job easily.

Eligibility for Cambridge Advanced Certificate

You have to complete Cambridge English First which is also FCE. and Cambridge English Proficiency. This is CPE. So you have to do this course in middle of these both certificates. Also you need basic skills to apply and get the other criteria. So If you want to join this course you must think of many other things like you must give full attendance. While you do the course you must write many assignment which are tough.  It is almost inevitable to avoid hard work. In order to crack this course you must be in good health too.

Test Format and Marks

The test goes up to 4 hours. This consists of 4 papers. It is computer based test or sometimes paper based test. For this test the marks are in the form of Cambridge English Scale. This measures from 160 ( Level B2 to Grade A – Grade B – Grade C)210. If you score 210, then you gain Grade A. If you score between 190 to 200 you have Grade B. If you get 180 to 190 Grade A. Any thing below you get level B2. So this scale has wide recognition internationally.

Result Statement

When you will get statement marks? You will get results if you pass only. You will also get certificate after statement of marks. They will release or announce your result after 4 to 6 weeks for paper based exam. You will get fast results for Computer based exam. May be 2 to 3 weeks approximately. Exam centers will receive the certificates directly. You have to contact your center for this.  The best way to get your statement of marks is to sign up online with Cambridge

Aim of the test

The test explains skills in terms of Reading Writing Listening Speaking. The certificate looks like this. I am showing this certificate for only viewing purposes. Cambridge Certificate Advanced English

Concluding Words: So I want to thank Cambridge for this type skilled course. You can easily benefit from this course. If you do this course, CEFR will recognize. CEFR means Common European Frame work of Reference for Languages. You will know about this if you search on you tube. I thank you for reading this article.

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  • Shyam Reddy
  • 30/10/2016

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