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Canterbury tales Chaucer

canterbury tales

To know about Canterbury tales first we must understand the history in 2 lines. Saint Thomas the Becket was martyred in the year 1170. He became a popular saint who was close to Lord Jesus. His shrine had been placed in the church of Canterbury . So some pilgrims were visiting the shrine during Chaucer’s time. While on their journey to Canterbury, the had told stories among themselves. And these stories were published originally by Chaucer in the year 1478. The Canterbury tales  were 24 in number with more than 17000 lines and it was written in Middle English by the father of English Poetry Geoffrey Chaucer.  The main characters are of Canterbury tales

  1. The Wife of Bath
  2. The Knight
  3. The Pardoner
  4. The narrator
  5. The Miller

Some others were like Dyer, Carpenter, Nun, Cook, Weaver, Man of Law, Physician, Reeve etc. All kinds of characters are involved.

Miller shares a story which was very interesting about a young wife who conspires with her lover under the nose of her husband directly. The cook also  speaks up story abut one adventure which says about womanizing young apprentice. But Chaucer did not finish the cook’s story. The man of law’s story is very lengthy but pleased other pilgrims a lot. His story involves a  loving wife who cuckolds husband for new dress. The narrator no one than Chaucer who tells a boring story but a brilliant parody on Knighthood composed in low rhyme. But Harry hated Chaucer’s poem narration and complains. The poem is about wise and patient wife. Harry criticizes now his own shrewish wife taking the narrative of Chaucer.

Now the monk tells a tale about famous personalities or figures who brought down by fate. Now the Friar wants to tell the tale of a Summoner.  The story about criticizing friars and it looks very awkward and dirty tale. The clerk tells the story of a merchant of his own unhappy marriage. In this story about the wife who is yet another tale of bold unfaithful wife in a marriage with much older man.

Again Harry interrupts the story of unfaithful wife and complains about his own domineering wife and requests the love story of Squire. The  young man Squire begins to tell the story of his love but Chaucer left unfinished this story. The second nun tells the story of inspiring St.Cecelia. Canon’s Yeoman tells a tale of a cheating alchemist. The Manciple tells a tell about why a crow is black.

The above mentioned short summary is given by me Shyam Reddy. I tell that it may take around 25 hours to read full Canterbury tales.

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