Casuarina Tree

The Casuarina Tree by Toru Dutt was an Indian Poet

casuarina tree
Toru Dutt

Born: 1856 in Kolkata

Died: 1877 in Kolkata

Education:  in France at the age of 13,  went to Cambridge for attending Lectures

Writings: A Sheaf gleaned in French Fields, Bianca, Ancient Ballads and Legends of Hindusthan, Christmas

Summary about Toru:
She is the youngest of 3 children to Govin Chunder Dutt.  Mother was Kshetramani. Her elder brother’s name was Abju. Her Elder sister name was Aru. After the death of Abju, the two daughters were taken to France by their father. They converted themselves into Christianity. Both sisters continued their studies in French in various places abroad . Mary Martin was the best freind of Toru. They returned to Calcutta. Tragedy struck the family. Aru succumbed to consumption and passed away at the age of 20. Later after few writings, Toru passed away at a very young age of consumption.

She was really amazing poetess where things had changed entirely with her meaningful poetry estimating the consequences of life. She enlarged sentences logically and made things better way giving lot of insights however things would be.

Sita Our Casuarina Tree

The  poem reveals the mystic affinity with trees. Casuarina tree is in the garden of Baugmaree. Huge python is on the tree like a creeper. The tree has crimpson flowers and the birds are singing, Kokilas are singing. The tree is encovered with swarming bees and the monkeys playing in the tree. Sometimes grey baboon sitting alone like statue watching sunriese and the shawdow of the trees falling down across the pool making white water appearing like snow enmassed. All the above things greet the poet every morning. The  poem is written in eleven stanzas with the rythm and phrase and the form of the stanza could be a subtle imitation of the ten line stanza of keat’s odes

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