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Jam Topics

Here is a full list of jam topics. Dowry Population Control Bribery Pollution Corruption Video Gaming Sports Education Illiteracy Poverty Get 100 more just a minute topics Jam topics with answers Dowry Dowry is one of the prevailing practices in the society. At the current time dowry has turned into a curse at times it …

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BTech English 1-1 Model Papers

BTech English 1-1  Model Paper – 1     PART-A                                                                                                                 72=14M 1.Have you heard of Srinivasa Ramanujan? 2.Who was Charles? 3.There is a need to enforce traffic rules and regulations strictly? 4.Why was the woman who entered the carriage upset? 5.Write some advantages anddisadvantages of technology? 6.Write about two alternative energy devices? 7.How did martin …

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English For Engineers and Technologists Keys

UNIT 4 Energy: Alternative Sources (KEY FOR EXERCISES)   A) global contributing causing particularly ignite doused plagued spontaneously geological discarding   B) abundant – limited artificial – natural former- latter sophisticated – simple salination – desalination c) 1.natural limited 2.latter 3.simple sophisticated 4.desalination Language Development: (A) construction pollution conservation destruction composition electrification irrigation fermentation   …

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Ramanujan Lesson Btech First Year English

Sinificant = forceful formal = lawful foremost = front succinctly = summarily reasoned = decide cannons = big accustomed = adapted recent = contemporary christened = bless promising = able consequently = therefore bleak = blank genesis = birth misleading = false compilation = aggregating abridged = abstract propositions = invitation antonyms diligently = inactively …

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English Encounters

Btech First Year English Encounters The Greatest Resource-Education Page: 6 1. List any five derived nouns ending with suffixes given -ment Government – Govern Management – Manage Movement – Move Agreement – Agree -ity ability – able absorbability – absorb abnormality – abnormalize acceptability – accept -ion Concentration – concentrate Penetration – Penetrate Realization – Realize …

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1st English Non-Detail Key – Homi Jahengir Bhaba

1st English Non-Detail Key – Homi Jahengir Bhaba 1A Synonyms Exponent= Champion visionary = ambitious ascribe= attribute prominent = outstanding nuances distinction mesmerized = fascinated allegorically = metaphorical seminal = critical epicenter = centrol center laureate = glorious hitherto = attending immense = boundless cascade = outpouring collisions = encounter predict = conclude fruitful= …

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