English grammar


irony Irony is a type of speech in which the exact an realistic meaning is simply the opposite of that which is literally conveyed or understood. To explain further, irony definition the meaning of the words that you use in a sentence is opposite when understanding. irony definition If you want to know clearly and …

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Similes Similes are one of the figures of speech which is used to compare one thing to another and to make the same comparison to look more clear and vivid. In short we use similes as a method of applying comparison. In this way to take care of our language skills to be enhanced in …

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Teaching English as a Second Language

teaching english as a second language First Things First When a limited or non-English speaking student shows up in a classroom, the teacher for Teaching English as a Second Language usually raised the question, “How can I teach this student as Teaching English as a Second Language? I don’t know his/her language!” The teacher’s first matter of consideration …

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