The Raven

English literature
the raven [caption id="attachment_1165" align="aligncenter" width="300"] the raven by ALLEN POE[/caption] His full name is Edgar Allan Poe. ( MYSTERY WRITER) Born  - 1809 in Boston Died  - 1849 in Baltimore Education:  University of Virginia Worked: as an Editor for various magazines Rewards:  100 dollars for The gold bug Writings:  The gold bug, The haunted palace, A dream within a dream. spirits of the dead He studied for some time and left the school. He was addicted to drinking alcohol and ran out of money. He struggled for a job. He married his Cousin of 13 years old girl Virginia Clem. He worked as a editor with various magazines but left after sometime due to poor salary. He set up his own magazine called THE STYLUS, which was a failure.…
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