The father of English Language, the great Chaucer was born from a rich family in the year 1340 and died in London in the year 1400 of Oct 25th. No one knew his exact year of birth. But it was generally known as 1340 or 1342 or 1343. These were the assumptions by many experts. His father’s name was John . His mother’s name was Agnes Copton. His wife name was Philippa Roet. His sons were Thomas and Lewis. His daughter’s names were Elizabeth and Agnes.

He was known as a famous and greatest poet and he was the first poet got buried in the Poet’s Corner in Westminster. His poems:

  1. The Nun’s Priest’s Tale
  2. Troilus and Criseyde ( second work )
  3. The House of Fame
  4. The legend of good women
  5. The Book of the Duchess ( first book  1300 lines)
  6. Parlement of Foules
  7. Anelida and Arcite
  8. The Floure and the leafe

His movies: The Canterbury Tales

Chaucer worked in a king’s palace. He used to recite poems for the pleasure of the king. He was sent to Italy for a diplomatic mission. That journey was a turning point for Geoffrey Chaucer. He met many big shots over there and came back to London and entered into politics and changed his entire life. He became slowly popular in every way. Later he Spent almost 20 years to write the famous CANTERBURY TALES which was amazingly popular which Chaucer expressed the stories narrated by each other of those pilgrims who were traveling to Canterbury. It was known that one each person shared two tales to the other neighbor  as they were on their way to Canterbury.

Later Chaucer became very poor because of some reasons and at the end he wrote a poetic line mentioning about his life to come back again where once riches were existing in his personal life. He is the all time great poet. Chaucer lived in a state of wars and there was not peace during that time of his life.

Chaucer became Knight of the shire to Kent. In 1387 with the death of his wife Philippa, Chaucer became completely out of order and moved out of Kent where Richard the second took the charge of the parliament.

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