Useful English Phrases to Speak in Class Room

1. Being late

I missed my bus.

I overslept this time.

I’ll be more careful next time.

I’m sorry, I’m late.

I’ve been to see the doctor.

Something’s wrong with my watch.

2. Being absent

Anyway, I’ll try to find out.

He has gone for a medical examination.

He has got a cold.

He has got a high temperature.

He has got the flu.

He is at the dentist’s.

He is ill.

He is not well.

He isn’t here but it’s so unusual. He’s always so exact.

He wasn’t feeling very well, so he went home.

He wasn’t here yesterday, either.

He’s at the doctor’s.

He’s gone for an x-ray.

I don’t know.

I’ve no idea.

OK! I’ll get in touch with her.

Something has happened at home.

3. While learning

Can you help me, please?

Could I take the dictionary?

Could you explain again, please? I missed the last word.

Could you explain the pattern once again, please?

Could you kindly slow down a bit?

Could you repeat the first section?

Could you repeat the instruction, please?

Could you repeat the last bit?

Could you say it again?

Do you mean that we should …?

I am not sure about this word.

I missed the beginning of what you said.

I’m sorry, I didn’t understand.

Is it right that I should …?

It must be an idiom. I can’t make out anything in this


May I look up the dictionary?

May I see it in my workbook?

May I take the dictionary?

Shall we do the exercise in our workbooks?

Shall we hand the worksheets in when we’ve finished?

Well, this phrase doesn’t seem familiar to me.

What do we have to do next?

What shall we do when we’ve finished?

Which tense should I use here?

You are speaking too quickly. I didn’t get that down.

 4. Using media

Could you kindly slow it down?

Could you reproduce it once again?

Could you show it once more?

Could you spell the word, please?

Could you write it up on the board, please?

I can’t follow, it’s too fast.

I can’t hear, it’s too soft.

I can’t see anything.

I’m sorry, it’s too loud.

I’m sorry, it’s too soft.

5. Taking turns

Am I next?

Is it my turn?

May I interfere?

Shall I proceed?

Shall I start?

Which number are we on?

Will you be next?

6. Asking about correctness

Be sure to correct it.

Can I say that?

Could this one be correct?

Could you explain why it’s wrong?

Could you prompt me the right thing?

Could you read out the answer to No. 5?

I can’t see anything wrong in the sentence.

I don’t think it’s wrong.

I think you’ve made a mistake on the board.

Is this a mistake?

Isn’t there a mistake in sentence 5?

It depends. I think you may use either.

Should I correct it?

Sure, you’ve made a mistake.

Was the answer to No. 6 “A” or “B”?

What was the answer to No. 3?

What would be the right answer instead?

What’s wrong with …?

Which is the right version?

Which of these could be the right answer?

Why did you mark this wrong?

Why was what I wrote wrong?

Will it be 0. K. if …?

A. Pronunciation and spelling

Are there two “r” or only one?

Aren’t there two accents in this word?

Do I need a full stop here?

Do I need a hyphen before this word?

Do I pronounce the right diphthong here?

Have the noun and the verb different accents?

How do you pronounce the next word?

How do you spell …?

I’m not sure how to say the next word.

I’m not sure if I pronounce the right sound.

Is my intonation appropriate in this sentence?

Shall I pronounce the sound /r/ here?

Shall I put a comma here?

What’s the next word?

Where’s the accent in this word?

How to speak English in Class while doing activities

B. Grammar

Could you use the future here?

Could you use the passive here?

Do you have to have an article?

Do you have to put the particle “to” after “to help”?

Do you have to use an auxiliary verb here?

Is it an irregular verb?

Is it appropriate to use the Past Perfect in this context?

Should I add “-s” here to form the plural?

Should I change the tense here?

What’s the preposition after “to depend”?

Which form should I use here?

Which tense do I need here?

9. Offering help

Can I help?

Do you want a hand with the books?

Do you want a hand with the table?

Shall I collect the sheets?

Shall I draw the curtains?

Shall I fetch the readers?

Shall I help him with the sentence?

Shall I help you with the handout?

Shall I pass them on?

Shall I turn the lights out?

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