Compound Sentences

compound sentences

Compound Sentences
Compound Sentences

Compound sentences are a type of sentence where we combine two simple sentences by adding a conjunction with in the compound sentences. So it is very clear that we abide by the things that we take into account certain things to handle. The most used conjunction would be “and.” There are also other type of conjunctions we use like yet, nor, for, or, so, but. etc.

We can also explain compound sentence in technical language as the combination of two independent clauses with the help of a conjunction. We have also many coordinating conjunctions.

A compound sentence is very easy to understand unlike complex sentence which is very difficult to understand. As of now we will understand more of compound sentence as a matter of learning.

Compound sentence examples

SAM is a good boy and Michael is very smart boy.
He takes his books yet John makes it a point to study.
He neither does the work nor understand the work.
You go to the movie or go to the picnic.
You take it easy but don’t make it complicated.
John plays cricket and Luke plays Basket Ball.
Take it or tie it.
Make it or leave it.
The above compound sentence examples are very simple to understand and very easy to grasp. In this way we can understand certain principles of grammar. Once we get to know the principles of grammar we can simple speak English fluently and we can feel easy to understand the best way to communicate with each. And compound sentences play a great role among the other two simple and complex sentences. Complex sentences are bit hard to grasp where as compound sentences are very easy to understand and we can make a point to push grammar up into global learning.

We can also use compound sentences in other ways by using advanced techniques. I am not able to discuss such heavy topics in this simple article. I am posting this article for easy access to the basic English readers. The language learning depends upon various thing such as using English as a matter of ease and probability. Compound sentence is one such sentence where we can use and make thing done in every way possible.

However we can think of many other things when using compound sentence in our day today language learning process. This is all about the short story of Compound Sentence. hmm. Take and sip.

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