Degrees of Comparison

degrees of comparison

Degrees of Comparison
Degrees of Comparison

As we know there are three types of degrees of comparison.

1. Positive Degree.

2. Comparative Degree.

3. Superlative Degree

The above degrees can be compared by or of a noun.  We can compare with the person, place, animal or object.

Positive Degree: It always denotes  Simple quality. ( the real one). It talks about one thing.  Comparative degree denotes high quality and compares 2 things of the same class of the same level whether it is about place person or thing. Next comes the superlative degree which always denotes the highest quality. It compares more than 2 persons, things, places or objects.

Positive Degree example: Ram is a tall boy.

Comparative Degree example: Ram is taller than Sam.

Superlative Degree example: Ram is the tallest boy in the class.

comparison degree

For example we take the word ‘cute.’  There are two ways that you can change cute to the comparative degree. Add ‘er’ to the end of the word. Add ‘more’ to the front of the word. cute+er = cuter. For example: The teddy bear is cuter than the cat. Some adjectives with 3 or more syllables use ‘more’ instead of ‘er.’  But what we should do if you want to compare the teddy bear with more than just one other thing.  Let us say if you want want to compare the teddy bear with many other things.  We would then use the adjective in the superlative degree, and that means that our word would have to change again.There are 2 to change the ‘cute’ to the superlative degree.  Either add ‘est’ to the end of the word or add ‘more’ to the front of the word. For example: The teddy bear is cutest among the bunch of bears.  In other words we can also use that the teddy bear is more cute among the bunch of bears over there.


Like many things in English language, we have some exceptions.  Some words change differently in the comparative and superlative degrees. For example let us consider the word ‘GOOD.’

Positive: Good

Comparative : Better

Superlative: Best.


Alaska is large than Texas. ( Change into other degrees)

Chennai is the largest city in the southern India. (Change into other degrees)

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