Dylan Thomas poems

dylan thomas poems

dylan thomas poems
dylan thomas poems

dylan thomas poems His full name is Dylan Marlias Thomas. He was a Welsh poet.

Born : 1914 in Swansea
Died : 1953 in Newyork
Education : Swansea Grammar school
Worked as : Reporter
Notable works : Do not go Gentle in to that good night, 18 Poems, A Childs Christmas in Wales,
Twenty five Poems

Summary : He married Caitlin in the year 1937. He undertook extensive reading tours of the  USA. He got reputation. But he was hard drinking and fell ill and returned home. He died of Alcoholic  poisoning in Newyork in November 1953.

Poem in October 

This poem recounts the musing of the poet on his 30th birthday. He resides in a port town. He wakes  up early in the morning. He hears the familiar sounds of the harbor. He hears the sounds from the woods near by. There are welcome signs of the day dawning. There is the call of the sea gull and the rook. And the boats are knocking each other as the waves move them. The town is not awake. His Birthday begins with water, the symbol of life. He sees the birds that fly gaily in the morning. It is rainy autumn morning. He walked along enjoying himself the drizzle and recounting his past life.

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