English Encounters

Btech First Year English Encounters

The Greatest Resource-Education

Page: 6

1. List any five derived nouns ending with suffixes given

Government – Govern
Management – Manage
Movement – Move
Agreement – Agree

ability – able
absorbability – absorb
abnormality – abnormalize
acceptability – accept

Concentration – concentrate
Penetration – Penetrate
Realization – Realize
Prioritization – Prioritize

abstractionism – abstract
adoptionism – adopt
baptism – baptise
civism – civilize

2. Which of the following nouns are derived and which are not?

Tension – underived
mansion – underived
lament – derived
deity – underived
balance – underived
pretension- derived
creation – derived
lesion – underived
moment – derived
nation – derived
Parliament – underived
comment – derived
solution – derived
affection – derived
experiment – underived
distance – derived
resemblance – derived
fragrance – derived

3. Which are the other suffixes you know which can be used to derive nouns? Mention each of then with 2 examples

establish – establishment
ex: The insitute was established in the year 1992
The establishment of the institute happened in the year 1992

Concentrate – Concentration
E.g. Kindly concentrate on the subject
You must have concentration on the subject


4. Antonyms
assert – Acquiesce
decline – Accept
vital – Useless
temptation – irritation
civilised – uncivilised

5. Synonyms
resource – a stock
strengthen – fortify
concern – relate
prodigious – great
classical – traditional

C Fill in the blanks

1. inheritances
2. knowhow
3. reconstituted
4. multiplied
5. residual
6. initiative
7. outburst
8. incomprehensible



1. darkeness – uncountable
2. opportunity – countable
3. research – uncountable
4. development – countable
5. invention – countable
6. inheritor – countable
7. comprehension – uncountable
8. comfort – uncountable
9. civilisation – countable
10. potentiality – countable

B. Fill in the following table with asingular or plural noun

Singular plural

1. Strata
2. deficiancy
3. addendum
4. crises
5. formulas, formulae
6. alumnus
7. ablility
8. champions
9. sheep
10. aircraft

Correct the following sentences on page: 10

1.I love fruit salad instead of sweet for desert
2. He is only twenty but his hair has gone grey
3. The wall is built using brick and mortar
4. The new scissors I have bought are blunt
5. Finally summer vacation is announced
6. He narrated the annual event in great detail
7. Th scenary in Araku is extremely lovely
8. They have bought two dozen of apples
9. It is two kilo packet
10. Politics is not my cup of tea
11. My cousin sister and myself went for a movie yesterday
12. There is a lot of fish in this pond
13. A herd of cattle crossed the road
14. She ran an amazing ten mile race and won the trophy
15. Could you write you address on a paper please?


1.List any five derived adjectives ending with the suffixes given below

academic – academy
artistic artist
athletic athletics
dramatic – drama
energetic – energe

disastrous – disaster
generous – generosity
jealous – jealousy
joyous – joy
miraculous – miracle

abusive – abuse
accelerative – acceleration
addictive – addiction
adoptive – adoption
afflictive – affliction

advisable – advice
agreeable – agreement
believable – belief
adorable – adoration
able – ability

2. Which of the following adjectives are derived and which are not

Atomic – derived
stupendous – derived
serious – derived
callous – derived
respsonsible – derived
realistic – derived
possible – derived
capable – derived
famous – derived
preliminary – underived
palpable – derived
studious – derived
probable – derived
plastic – underived
drastic- underived

3. What are the other suffixes you know which can be used to derive adjectives

Able: It is a highly comfortable mattress
nal: It is my personal moboile number


wonderful – stuned
careless – irresponsible
cruel – callous
amazed – stupendous
exceptional – unprecedented

2. Read the sentences given and understand the meaning of the words in colour. Then fill anotonyms

1. negative
2. approval
3. apathetic
4. insignificant
5. lasting


a. unprecedented
b. indistinguishable
c. bewilderness
d. repercussion
e. endangered


1. Busy – Both attributive and predicative
2. Wooden – attributive
3. afraid – predicative
4. cunning – predicative and attributive
5. secondary – attributive
6. sure – predicative
7. Criminal – predicative

B. Fill the table with degrees

1. more courageous, most courageous
2. Busier busiest
3. more most
4. rounder roundes
5. farther farthest
6. lonlier – lonliest
7. sleepier – sleepiest
8. more expensive – most expensive
9. Less – least
10.more correct -most correct

Page: 34.

Beautiful : They live in a beautiful house
Sleeveless: She wears a sleeveless shirt
meaningless: He writes meaningless letterxs
nicer: This shop is much nicer
adorable: He has an adorable body
gorgeous : The lady looks gorgeous
breakable : This glass is breakable
homeless: I met a homeless person
mathematical: It is a mathematical puzzle
Biological: It is a biological experiment

Exercise: PAGE: 35

Rewrite the following sentences after making corrections

1. farthest
2. a baby asleep on her lap
3. This is a golden chair
4. Kiran is stronger
5. Prem is older than me
6. This is the most difficult task
7. This fellow is worse than you
8. Charlie is the smartest boy in the class
9. He is one of the tallest students in the class
10. Could you give me a redder ink pen please
11. His answer is better than min
12. This book is superior to that
13. It is the best of the two books
14. Peter is more intelligent and wiser than his sister
15. Sheela is the best kabbadi player that that of any others

The Lottery

(a)Deriving Adverbs

1. profuse
2. quiet
3. reluctant
4. uneasy
5. regretful
6. nervous
7. hasty
8. precise
9. willing
10. defiant

(b) Use the words in the table above in your sentences

2. Quiet(adv) He slept quietly
Quiet( adj) He is a quiet person

3. He looked at me reluctantly
He showed up reluctant face

4. He went there uneasily
I have an uneasy feeling

5. He accepted his mistake regretfully
He seems to have regretful attitude

6. He stands nervously
He gave a nervous speech

7. Shyam Reddy explained the lesson precisely
The precise information comes to me.

8. He accepted my offer willingly
He has a willing nature

9. He rejected my proposal defiantly
He showed me a defiant expression

Page: 82 Meaning and Usage: Match the following words

Paraphernalia = Particular activity
Perfunctory = Performed merely as a routine duty
Snorted =Expressed contempt
Rattled = Talked rapidly
Hushed = Became silent

B. Rewrite the sentences using the words given below

1. residential
2. simulate
3. Integrate
4. Optimized
5. Supplemented
6. captured

Page 83:

Rewrite the following sentences

1. We are very much interested in visiting your house
2. Never has she sung so well.
3. He played Piano nicely
4. I felt very lonely
5. It is bitterly cold
6. The movie is very interesting
7. He is too poor to pay the examination fee.
8. I am very sorry
9. He is too clever to solve the problem
10. Before long, not so many people lived here
11. We arrived at midnight after a very few hours
12. soon she goes, the very good
13 I was a little tired
14. He sang very loud
15. She was standing near the door almost

Lesson: The Health Threats of Climate Change


(a)Fill in the gaps in the following table:

Detailed plan of journey – Itinerary
A person Who has long experience in a particular field – Veteran
A small enclosures for cattle , sheep poultry etc – Pen
A person in a vehicle escorting another vehicle – Outriders
Exclusive possession of the trade in some commodity – Monopoly
One who studies the sky and stars – Astronomer
A building in which monks live – Monastery
Government of the people,for the people, By the people – Democracy
An assembly of listeners – Audience
A person who worships one God – Monotheist
Examination of one’s own mental process – Introspection
One Who changes sides – Turncoat
One who loves books – Bibliophile
Government run by inexperienced – Neocracy
Killing of human being – Homicide
A person who belongs to all parts o the world – Cosmopolitan
Than which never fails – Infallible
One who always runs away from danger- timid
A thing where fish is kept – Aquarium
A short narrative poem adaptive for writing/sighing – Ballad
Person who rules with out consulting the opinion of others- Autocrat
A destroyer of images – Iconoclast
Sole write to make and sell some invention – patent
A man who looks or behave – Effeminate
A word opposite in meaning – Antonym
A huge mass of ice/snow moving slow down the valley – Glacier
One who believes in pre-determined destiny – fatalist
A speech delivered without any previous preparation – Extempore
Language difficult to understand – Jargon
A man who believes in choice or dainty eating or drinking – Epicure
Indifference to pleasure or pain – Stoic
A style in which a writer makes a display of his knowledge – Pedantic
One who talks in sleep -Somniloquy
Government by only one individual – Autocracy
A place for sick people for long period of treatment or rest – Sanatorium
One who is gifted with several talents- Versatile
One who represents a state in a foreign country – ambassador
A specialist in a particular branch of knowledge – Scholar
Remains of prehistoric animal or plant buried – Fossils
One who exists at the same time as another- Contemporary
One who can speak two languages- bilingual
Murder of newly born infants – Infanticide
A writer who steals the writings of another- Plagiarist
One who is all powerful – Omnipotent
Absence of government or a state of lawlessness – Anarchy
That which can be easily broken-Fragile
Persons working in the same department- Colleagues
Loss of memory/forgetfulness – Amnesia
Violating the sanctity of a church – Sacrilege

Page: 101

(b)Choose one word substitutes from the box for the following definitions:

1. A person appointed by parties to settle the disputes between them arbitrator
2. Bibliophile
3. teetotaler
4. fatalist
5. Inventor
6. governess

1. Telegraphist : A telegraph operator one who sends telegrams
2. Counselor: A professional who counsels people especially on personal problems
3. Seamstress: A woman who sews clothes professionally
4. Critic: A specialist in Judging works of art
5. radical: favoring fundamental change or change at the root cause of a matter
6. democrat: A supporter of a democracy

(d) Choose the right alternative for each of the definitions
1. Fastidious
2. Panacea
3. Bellicose
4. Boutique
5. Opaque

(e) Match the words with their meanings
1. f
2. h
3. i
4. a
5. j
6. b
7. c
8. d
9. g

Page 102:

Meaning and use
1. contest
2. emerged
3. defence
4. destined
5. ardous
6. avert

Page 105:
Correct the following sentences, if necessary

1. We discussed the cyclone
2. Immediately we reached the airport
3. I have ordered his dismissal
4. Vikas married his friend’s sister
5. Many students entered the hall very late
6. She resembles her father
7. This candidate is intelligent, but lacks experience
8. What is the time by your watch?
9. They have traveled to Tirupathi by train
10. The board members were pleased with me.
11. She was trembling with rage
12. We all congratulated her on her success in the project
13. Who is on the phone?
14. I watched an interesting show on TV
15. Will you see me next Friday?
16. She is just the right height to be a police constable
17. Are you going home now?
18. The ball rolled slowly into the goal
19. I don’t care about your opinion
20. She has been ill for two weeks
21. The manager suggested me to take leave.
22. He is junior to me
23. This is the worst storm in ten years.
24. She sent the letter to my old address.
25. The loud music prevented me from sleeping.

Lesson: The Chief Software Architect

Page: 121

Match the following words

1. Resounding majority
2. Thumping success
3. Bitter truth
4. Death enemies
5. cool headed
6. fast asleep
7. naked truth
8. neck blow
9. tough time
10. hectic schedule

C. Fill in the blanks with suitable adjectives

1. expensive
2. Loud
3. Light
4. Lavish
5. Scary
6. Lively
7. Memorable
8. recreational sport

D. Given below is a set of collocations.

1. Faithful Friend Laxman
2. I have just had a heavy lunch
3. She is the sweetest Girl
4. I am the eldest brother
5. I passed it by sheer luck.

F. Choose the most appropriate collocation from the choices.

1. Refuse
2. Levied
3. Perform
4. Entrusted
5. Set
6. Hold

(G) Page: 124

1. our hobbies
2. a piece of music to entertain us
3. party tomorrow
4. a movie
5. a little dance
6. this song?
7. any sports

(H) Given below are a few scrambled sentences. Unscramble them

1. The committee members were provided lavish entertainment
2. It is very difficult to bring up a family on a low income
3. Check the weather before you go out
4. I am happy that he was resorted to good health
5. The college offers free accommodation to its faculty.
6. The management holds dinner on the induction day every year.
7. When I served lunch, she ate to her heart’s content
8. Ram and Shyam remained friends forever.

I. Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate collocation

1. cause
2. combing
3. catch
4. has given
5. have
6. was/is
7. gone
8. pay
9. remained
10. got


(I) Fill in the blanks with an appropriate form of the verb

a. was
b. was
c. is
d. are
e. takes
f. is
g. decide
h. have
i. is
j. wants

2.Rewrite the following sentences

1. I just happened to hear the noise.I didn’t know what was actually happened.
2. Did you read the novel, Sons and Lovers by Lawrence.
3. I didn’t go with for the movie, though I had enough money
4. A must-see movie, we need to watch it next week.
5. Felt like having a sweet, immediately went out to buy some rasgullas
6 Very good to wear it, the sweater was warm
7. This drink is very bitter but that one sweet
8. He has a sister who is very pretty
9. Prem bought a book that he wanted to read for a long time.
10. Have no idea what he actually wanted
11. Bread and butter is my usual breakfast.
12. The news that he is corrupt is not true.
13. 25 kilometers is a long way going by bicycle
14. Either Krishna or his parents know the news.
15. Neither of the kids are playing cricket.
16. Don’t you think two thousand rupees is high for this pair of shoes?
17. When I reached his house, there were lot of people surrounding him.
18. One of the policemen was shot dead in the firing.
19. Physics is my favorite subject at school
20. Here stay all my relatives
21. If the library limited its membership, it will have to raise its fee.
22. By the time he reached playground, all his friends had already left
23. After the principal had spoken about cleanliness of surroundings, all the volunteers started cleaning ground.
24. As Rani puts in, her contact lenses, the doorbell rings.
25. The speaker usually asks for questions as soon as he has finishes his lecture.
26. Sujatha was terribly disappointed with the feedback on her cooking because she had worked very hard.
27. We all hoped that she would survive.
28. Prem wants to donate all the money he has earned last summer to an orphanage
29. The student insisted that he had paid the fee long back.
30. The doctor advised bed rest for the patient, who had suffered from a back ache.

Page:130 Exercise Write a/an or the in the blanks

1. – (no article needed)
2. the
3. The
4. a, the
5. a,a
6. a, a, the
7. a
8. a, the
9. the,a
10. an

B.Correct the following sentences, if necessary

1. A young
2. a school
3. an indira gandhi international airport
4. Have you had lunch
5. (no correction needed)
6. She was born on Tuesday
7. Have you kept my book back on a shelf?
8. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
9. Water is precious. Don’t waste it.
10. The Rich remained rich and the poor became poorer.

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