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English Puzzle is one of its kind to improve our English Skill and Language.  This way you can get some inputs down for English Puzzle. These are some of my English Puzzle.

English Puzzle
English Puzzle

For every person, English puzzles  are very necessary to give some work to our mind of logic. I have given English puzzles for the sake of improving your English


Each of the sentences you have English Puzzles below contains a hidden number. Find ?

EXAMPLE: If I’ve said something to hurt you, I’m sorry, (five)

1- Listen carefully to the dialogue on the tape recording.
2- It would be better to learn the language thoroughly.
3- When the plane took off, I very much wanted to cry.
4- We thought that was the best year of our lives.
5- Now their team is even with ours.
6- “Honesty is the best policy” is a well- known maxim.
7- The papers I xeroxed didn’t turn out very well.
8- The words were spoken in each of the languages native to those present.
9- Paul is going to leave today; Robert went yesterday.
10- You replaced the thous and thees of English several centuries ago.
11- I hope that our efforts to rectify the error will comfort you a little.
12- Her remarks about the silent way made Caleb ill; I on the other hand, thought the points were well taken.
13- I wish I could have been present at this event you are telling us about.

English Puzzles


Each sentence below contains the name of a capital city. Identify each city and write the name of the country in which the city is located on the line provided after each sentence.

EXAMPLE: Well, I’m afraid I can’t do it. LIMA-PERU

1- Here is the draft of your letter. If you mark it “ok,” your secretary will type it.
2- Those who were against the war saw to it that their voices were heard.
3- To make underground water potable,scientists first used ammonia, then sand later on.
4- Can karate movies really make children aggressive?
5- No slot machine is needed here.
6- The idiom “on a par” is used to mean “equal.”
7- You can see our colleague in the CAI room at lunch. He is always busy doing something there.
8- Housekeepers usually prefer washing to not doing anything at all.
9- A cobra battle against a mongoose often ends with the defeat of the former.
10- If you use this kind of herb on noodles, the result will be fantastic.
11- Tram manufacturing is declining, as nobody needs this kind of slow transportation.
12- If you have an infection in your colon, don’t eat fats or any other rich food.


The numbers hidden in the following sentences may be heard but not seen. That is, the sound or pronunciation of the number is present, but not the spelling.

EXAMPLE: We found Janet well versed on the subject. (twelve)

1- John is now working as a tutor of English.
2- He answered before I could even finish the question.
3- Mary ate the whole pizza all by herself!
4- We all breathed a sigh of relief when our team finally won the game.
5- Even I know better than that!
6- Turn the radio off if teenagers come into the house.
7- We both respect your judgment very much.
8- Robert ended his speech on a strong note.
9- The zookeeper moved the sick seals to a different cage.
10- The baker added leaven and some water to the bread dough.


1- ten
2- two
3- five
4- four
5- seven
6- one
7- six
8- nine
9- twenty
10- thousand
11- forty
12- billion
13- seventy

online puzzle

1- two
2- four
3- eight
4- one
5- nine
6- fifteen
7- three
8- ten
9- six
10- eleven

1- Tokyo-Japan
2- Warsaw-Poland
3- Athens-Greece
4- Ankara-Turkey
5- Oslo-Norway
6- Paris-France
7- Cairo-Egypt
8- Washington-USA
9- Rabat-Morocco
10- Bonn-Germany
11- Amman-Jordan
12- London-England


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