English Questions

English Questions

English Questions
English Questions

When we learn English Questions, It is highly important to speak English Questions when communicating with others. I am giving here helpful and regular English questions which will help you to speak English confidently. Asking questions in English involves a little logic and understanding. There is no such difficulty in asking questions. You need to arrange the subject and verb accordingly.

Check out the below sentences of English questions which are very useful in your day today activities without much effort.

Using ‘What’

What do you say?
What language do you speak?
What is your bed room?
What is your dinner time?
What are you playing?
What are you doing?
What is the type of concert generally?
What do you buy?
What is the rent?
What games do you play?
What is the price of the pickle?
What will you eat?
What is your weekly entertainment?
What instrumental music?
What is its price?
What is your rate for the whole day?
What do you want?
What did you say?
What was it all about?
What is sweeter than honey?
What are those marks on your coat?
What are you? – I am a doctor.
What is he? – He is an engineer.
What is this?
What other gamed do you play?
What’s it that he?
What books have you read?
What is that?
What is he doing?
What is the time now?
What will all the neighbors say?
What is that book?
What did he say?
What is that on your coat?
What are you? What is he?
What book did you give me?
Which is your favorite game?
Which book are you reading?
Which way shall we go?

Using ‘Which’

Which is he? ( nominative)
Which do you prefer? ( Accusative)
Which is the house?
Which do you prefer, tea or coffee?
Which is the book you gave me?
Which do you prefer?
Which of the questions do you answer?
Which of the boys did this?
I read Ramayana, Which I like much?
I read Sanskrit dramas, Which are good?
Veda is the earliest book, Which contains all knowledge.

Using ‘who’

This is my sister who is sick.
Who cleaned the house?
I meet Rama Who just returned from Newyork.
This is my friend , who comes first in the class.
Who is he? ( = What is his name and family?)
He is Mr. K.P. Roy.
Who conducts the concert?
Who are you?
Who am I?
Who is he?
Who is she?
Who are they?
Who are there?
Who gave you that knife?
Whose is this book?
Who is there?
Who is speaking?

Using ‘Where’

Where do you live? Where are
they going?
Where are you going? Where
are they playing?
Where is the post office?
Where do you play foot ball?
Where is the key for this door?
where did you buy this table ?
Where are you staying?
Where is the laundry?
Where is the market?
Where is the vegetable market?
Where is the light?
Where is the mosquito net?

Using ‘when’ ‘why’ ‘how’


When are you leaving for
When I shall return is
When did you buy this book?
When do you take your lunch?
When did she return?
When will you ring?
When did you buy it?
When do you take your break fast?
When do you repair the tap?
Whose is that car?
Whose car is that?
The Mahabharata is an epic, whose poetry is great, Whose is this book?


Why are you not playing?
Why did you get angry?
Why did this happen?
Why did I get pain?
Why don’t you consult an eye
Why do you throw it away?
Why did you do it?
I know the reason why he did it?
Why, it is surely Ram!
This is not the time to go into the why
and the wherefore of it.
Why he left is a mystery.
Why don’t you sell it?


How many times do you eat daily?
How much does he take for
How far is your office from the station?
How he could assist his friend
was his
chief concern.
How do you go to the office?
How big is it?
How did he perform ?
How do you sell these
Whether we can start


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