Funny Skits

 funny skits

Funny Skits
Funny Skits

Funny Skits are crucial to attract audience. Also helpful these funny skits for English language improvement.

Scene: A car

Characters: Gerry Brown, Brian Smith, Gerry’s friend, a driving examiner

Brian has just arrived at the test centre in his car. He is sitting in it, waiting for Gerry.

Brian: Hmm…Three o’clock. Where is he?

Ah, there he is. Gerry! Gerry! (Gerry comes to the car.)

Gerry: Ah, hello!

Brian: Hello, Gerry,

(Brian gets out of the car.)

Brian: Well, the big day, eh?

Gerry: Yes, my driving test. It’s very good of you to lend me your car.

Brian: Oh, that’s all right, Gerry. You have had driving lessons, haven’t you?

Gerry: Oh, yes. Well…I had one.

Brian: One?

Gerry: Yes, I had one last night. It was very good.

Brian: That’s not enough. You should have had at least ten!

Gerry: Now don’t worry. I’ve flown aero planes, you know, and it’s all more or less the same. You just jump in, switch on, and up she goes!

Brian: Yes, but this isn’t an aero plane. It’s a car. My car!

Gerry: Oh yes, I can see that.

Brian: Hmm…that’s another problem.

Gerry: What?

Brian: Your eyes.

Gerry: What’s the matter with my eyes?

Brian: Well, they’re not exactly perfect, are they?

Gerry: Well, I know I can’t see very well, but –

Brian: But you told the authorities that your eyes were perfect. You shouldn’t have done that.

Gerry: Yes, I know. But don’t worry, everything will be all right. I borrowed these glasses from my uncle, and he says they’re marvelous.

Brian: Your uncle’s glasses! But Gerry, you should have brought your own glasses

Gerry: I haven’t got any of my own. But don’t worry, my uncle has worn these for twenty-five years, and he’s a brain surgeon.

Brian: Gerry -Gerry!Look, I’ll put them on.

(He puts on the glasses.)

Gerry: There, Oh…Um…Brian?…Brian? (He bumps into the car.)

Gerry: Oh.

Brian: Gerry, look, here comes the examiner.

Gerry: Oh yes, I see. He looks like a very nice man.

Brian: Gerry, it’s not a man. It’s a woman.

Gerry: Oh.

Brian: Now listen, Gerry. There’s only one way you can pass this test.

Gerry: Yes?

Brian: Be polite.

Gerry: Be polite and

Brian: Shhht, Gerry. Here she is,

(The examiner arrives.)

Examiner: Mr. Brown?

Gerry: Er…yes.

Examiner: I’m the examiner. Shall we get in?

Gerry: Er…yes. Allow me to open the door for you

(He opens the door and the examiner gets into the car.)

Examiner: Thank you.

Gerry: Was that all right?

Brian: Very good, Gerry. But I think I’ll come with you, just in case.

Gerry: All right.

(Gerry and Brian get into the car. Brian sits in the back.)

Examiner: Now, Mr. Brown. I’d like you to drive the car straight down the road.

Gerry: Straight down the road. Yes.

(He tries to drive away. The car stops.)

Gerry: Oh. Sorry,

(He tries again, and drives away very fast.)

Examiner: Turn right, Mr. Brown. (Gerry turns left.)

Brian: Gerry! You turned left. She said ‘Right’. You should have turned right.

Gerry: (Cheerfully) Sorry! Examiner: Turn left, Mr. Brown.

(Gerry turns right.)

Brian: Gerry! You turned right. You should have turned left.

Examiner: The traffic lights are red, Mr. Brown.

Brian-Examiner: Red!

(Gerry stops the car at the traffic lights.)

Gerry: Ha, ha! Very good, eh?

Straight on?

Examiner: Er…n-n-no, Mr Brown. I think I’ll get out here.

Gerry: Oh. Allow me to open the door for you.

Examiner: No, no, thank you. That won’t be necessary.

She gets out of the car and walks away.

Examiner: I should have stayed in bed today. I knew it…I knew it was going to be a bad day.

Gerry: Oh, dear.

Brian: I told you you should have had more lessons, Gerry.

Gerry: Ah, green!

Gerry drives away very fast.

Brian: Gerry! Gerry! Slow down,

Gerry! Gerry!!

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