GK Questions and Answers

gk questions and answers

It is very important in today’s world GK is very important if you want to survive or to get a good name. So Here I am giving a list of GK Questions and Answers  with clear cut answers. So learn and ask some one these GK Questions and Answers

GK Questions and Answers
GK Questions and Answers

191. Lending her name to a famous brand, who was the Greek Goddess of Victory?

GK Questions and Answers

192. Name the four states in the USA that start with the letter A?

193. What is the capital of Thailand?

194. Genghis Khan was the most famous leader of what people?

195. From what port did the Titanic set sail on its fateful voyage?

196. What is stored in a camel’s hump?

197. What is Batman’s off-duty name?

198. There are three countries that have both an Atlantic and a Mediterranean coast, name them?

199. Which toy was voted Toy of the 20th Century?

200. Name a country whose name starts with the letter A but does not finish with an A?

201. What are the colors of the French flag?

202. Which is the longest river in the world?

203. Who is the true God who saves?

204. Which river flows through London?

205. What is the worst earthquake of the world history?

206. What is the largest type of shark?

207. How many bits are there in a byte?

208. The Matrix Reloaded took $93 mil in its opening US weekend, a record secondly only to which previous film?

209. Who discovered penicillin?

210. Which is the highest waterfall in the world?

211. Which is the biggest country; the United Kingdom, France or Spain?

212. Who was the most famous woman Prime Minister in Britain?

213. What are the first six letters on the top row of most typewriters in the world?

214. What does UNESCO stand for?

215. What is the American English word for the British English word-lift?

216. What is the name of Muslim’s prophet?

217. Which three nationalities did Einstein have at different times?

218. Which metal boils at the highest temperature silver gold or lead?

219. What is the capital city of Kenya?

220. Who invented the helicopter?

221. Who invented the color television?

222. In which sport are a bow and arrow used?

223. What are the 5 largest countries of the world?

224. What is the most crowded city in the world?

225. How is the year 1500 written in Roman numerals?

226. Who was the Queen of Egypt twice?

227. Which player has scored the earliest goal of the World Cup history?

228. What is the capital of Cuba?

229. What is the worst fire of the world history?

230. A is the international vehicle registration letter for which country?

231. What is the sport with the largest playing field?

232. Which astronaut was the first to orbit the earth?

233. What does a third-place getter at the Olympic Games win?

234. How did titanic sink with her 1503 passengers?

235. Who invented the electronic computer?

236. Who invented the laptop?

237. What are the 5 most crowded countries of the world?

238. Which is the most famous long island?

239. What did John Boyd Dunlop invent in 1888?

240. What is the worst tornado of the world history?

241. Name the Canadian who won the 1988 Olympic 100m but was later stripped of the title when he tested positive for anabolic steroids?

242. How many permanent teeth does an adult have?

243. What awards, founded by a Swedish chemist and inventor of dynamite, were first conferred on December 10th, 1901?

244. What do English-speaking people often say when they are being photographed?

245. If it is midday in London, what time is it in New York?

246. Which was the most expensive film ever made?

247. What is the boiling point of water?

248. Which activity utilizes more muscles: Smiling or Frowning?

249. What is the normal temperature of the human body (in Celsius)?

250. Which fictional character had two ugly sisters?

251. Give the correct name for the hormone which stimulates the nervous system and raises heartbeat?


191. Nike

192. Alabama; Arizona: Arkansas; Alaska

193. Bangkok

194. The Mongols

195. Southampton

196. Fat

197. Bruce Wayne

198. France, Spain & Morocco

199. Lego

200. Afghanistan or Azerbaijan

201. Red, white and blue

202. 6,670 for the Nile

203. Jesus

204. The Thames

205. In 1556, an earthquake caused 830.000 deaths in China.

206. Whale shark

207. Eight

208. Spider-man

209. Alexander Fleming

210. Salto Angel in Venezuela – 979 meters

211. The UK: 240,937 km; France: 547,026 km; Spain: 504,782 km

212. Margaret Thatcher, 1979-90


214. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

215. Elevator

216. Mohammed

217. He was born in Germany, then became a Swiss citizen, and later took American citizenship.

218. Gold. 2,900°C; silver: 2,210°C; lead: 1.740°C

219. Nairobi

220. Sikorsky-American-1935

221. 1928

222. Archery

223. 1-Russia, 2-China, 3-Canada, 4-USA, 5-Brazil

224. Tokyo-Japan (26.500.000)

225. (MD]

226. Cleopatra

227. Hakan Sukur-Turkey (He scored in the 11th second in 2002)

228. Havana

229. In 1996, a school fire caused over 500 deaths in India.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUESTIIONS

230. Austria

231. Polo

232. Yuri Gagarin

233. A bronze medal

234. It hit an iceberg in Northern Atlantic in 1912

235. Berry Atanosov-American-1942

236. Sinclair-English-1987

237. 1-China (1.304.000.000), 2-India (, 3-USA (294.000.000), 4-Indonesia (219.000.000), 5-Brazil (178.000.000)

238. Long Island in New York State, containing Brooklyn, Queens and John F Kennedy Airport

239. He made tires with air in them for his child’s bicycle

240. In 1970 a tornado caused nearly 300.000 deaths in Bangladesh.

241. Ben Johnson

242. 32

243. Nobel Prizes

244. ‘Cheese!’ Then they look as though they are smiling.

245. Seven o’clock in the morning

246. Star Trek in 1979-$46,000,000

247. 100′ centigrade

248. Frowning

249. 36.89Degrees

250. Cinderella

251. Adrenaline

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