God vs Jesus | Top 10 Contrast between God and Jesus Christ

The difference between God vs Jesus Christ is that God is the combination of Father Son and Holy Spirit where as Jesus is the Son of God. There is no difference as such. Once Jesus said to his disciples that if they saw Jesus, they had seen God. So it is like a branch of a tree separated for a purpose. God send his only son Jesus Christ into this earth to save human race. Jesus is born as human being, suffered and died for saving human being from all their sinful nature. God has willed this to happen. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, obeyed Father. That is why, while on the cross, Jesus Christ said, Father, it is now my will but yours will be always done. Finally, it is clear that there is no contrast between God vs Jesus. Both are one with the Holy Spirt. So God is also called Holy Trinity that resembles, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The whole Christianity believes in this one mysterious form of the only God who can bring salvation to the world. There is no other God that that of Jesus Christ. This means Father. This means Holy Spirit. The relationship is like 2=2=4 or 3=1=4 or 4+0=4. You may speak with any name either Father, Son and Holyspirit. It means you are speaking of TRUE GOD JESUS or HOLY TRINITY OR FATHER SON HOLYSPIRIT. I do not use comma among these words because comma separates them. So they are one and only body one and only spirit and mind.

The 10 minor differences between God vs Jesus

God is loveJesus is love
God sent his SonJesus is the Son of God
God has will for his SonJesus fulfilled the will of God
God is everywhereJesus is born as a human being
God could easily save his SonBut Jesus never took granted
God is Holy TrinityJesus is Holy Trinity
If we see God, We see JesusIf we see Jesus, We see God
God sits at right hand of SonJesus sits at right hand of God
God is JesusJesus is God
God vs Jesus

Having said the true differences between Jesus vs God, it is a mystery of faith that every christian will follow on earth. Whoever believes in Jesus will be saved and they wil go to heaven. All hindus and musilims and other religions must realise who Jesus is was and will. Unless they realise and believe in Jesus, they will not have truth in belief. They follow false beliefs. So repent now and have faith in Jesus Christ. Know who is true GOD. Never blelieve in idol worships like elephants and lions and snakes on neck. All this beliefs are wrongly derived. Use commonsense, whether God will ever need to wear snake or to have elephant heads. That is untrue. Know all the differences clearly and then you will realise who is God vs Jesus.

All whoever believes in God will get the kingdom of heaven. The kingdom of heaven is something that all should understand and this kingdom will come near to you. It is in your heart. Jesus Christ is the Lord of all. God will make things happen. God will make wonders that will last long.

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