Good Riddles

good riddles

Good use of riddles are of high demand if you want to make yourself great. I am giving some good riddles which are really useful to throw at your friends. These are good riddles which can attract any audience. I am giving my best with answers. So check these amazing good riddles and you will surely like the best.

1- What are two things people never eat before breakfast?

2- Why did the man throw a bucket of water out the window?

3- Why did the man throw the butter out the window?

4- Why did the man put the clock in the safe?

5- What has two hands and a face, but no arms and legs?

6- What has a neck, but no head?

7- Where is the ocean the deepest?

8- “What letter of the alphabet is always waiting in order?”

9- Why did the man throw his watch out of the window?

10- What State in the United States is High in the middle and round at the ends?

11- What did number 1 say to 7?

12- Which is the most self-centered letter of the alphabet?

13- Which letter is always trying to find reasons?

14- Which letter is not me?

15- What letter can do the work in one day that you can do in two days?

16- Why is the A like a flower?

17- Why is the letter “A” like noon?

18- “What letter of the alphabet has got lots of water?”

19- What has two heads, four eyes, six legs and a tail?

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20- What is as big as a horse but doesn’t weigh anything?

21- How do you spell mousetrap?

22- What begins with T, ends with T and has T in it?

23- How many legs does an ant have?

24- What did zero say to eight?

25- How many people are buried in that cemetery?

26- Do you know why birds fly to south in the winter?

27- What can’t be used until it’s broken?

28- Which letters do Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday have in common?

29- What do tigers have that no other animals have?

30- What is Black and white and read (red) all over?

31- Why is number six afraid ?

32- Which room has no doors, no windows.

33- What gets wetter as it dries?

34- A man rode into town on Tuesday. Two days later he rode home on Tuesday. How is this possible?

35- Why didn’t the skeleton go to the dance?

36- What’s got a wave but no sea?

37- A father and his son were in a car accident. The father died. The son was taken to the hospital. The doctor came in and said: I can’t do surgery on him, because he’s my son. Who was the doctor?

38- Why did the student take a ladder to school?

39- What are the two strongest days of the week?

40- What do you call a bear without an “ear”?

41- Which is faster, heat or cold?

42- How many apples can you eat if your stomach is empty? B: 4 or 5

43- Why did Mickey Mouse go to outer space?

44- What do you call a Spaniard who can’t find his car?

45- What’s the difference between electricity and lightening?

46- What part of your body disappears when you stand up?

47- Where does a boxer who weighs 135 kilograms sit on a bus?

48- What makes “oom” and gives milk?

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49- Where does Dracula stay when he goes to New York City?

50- What do cows like to read?

51- What is the longest word?

52- What is the word that everybody always says wrong?

53- What five-letter word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?

54- What’s the longest word in the dictionary?

55- How many seconds are there in one year?

56- What two days of the week start with the letter “T”?

57- Why did the pony have a sore throat?

58- What did the undertaker die of?

59- What do you call a witch at the beach?

60- Why can’t a nose be twelve inches?


1- Lunch and supper.

2- He wanted to see the waterfall.

3- He wanted to see the butterfly.

4- He wanted to save time.

5- A clock.

6- A bottle.

7- On the bottom.

8- “The Q. (queue)

9- He wanted to see time fly.

10- Ohio.

11- Nice hair

12- “i” (I)

13- “y” (Why?”)

14- U.

15- W (Double u- Double you)

16- Because the B is after it.

17- Because it’s in the middle of the day.

18- “The C”

19- A horse and its rider.

20- The horse’s shadow.

21- C-A-T.

22- A teapot.

23- Two, the same as an uncle.

24- Nice belt.

25- All of them.

26- Because it’s too far to walk there.

27- An egg.

28- None! None of them have “c”, “o”,”m” or “n” in them.

29- Baby tigers.

30- A newspaper

31- Because seven eight nine (seven ate nine)

32- A mushroom.

33- A towel

34- His horse’s name is Tuesday.

35- He didn’t have anybody to take. (any BODY)

36- My hair.

37- The doctor was his mother.

38- Wherever he wants to.

39- Because he/she was going to high school!

40- They are Saturday and Sunday. All the others are weak (week) days.


42- Heat, because you can catch a cold.

43- No, that’s wrong, because after eating one apple your stomach isn’t empty.

44- To find Pluto.

45- Carlos (It’s pronounced “carless”)

46- You don’t have to pay for lightening.

47- Your lap. (good for phrasal ‘stand up’, and ‘laptop’, lap-dog, etc.)

48- A cow walking backwards.

49- The Vampire State building.

50- The mooooospaper

51- Smiles, because there is a mile between the first and last s.

52- “Wrong”.

53- Short

54- Rubber-band – because it stretches.

55- Twelve. January second, February second, March second…

56- Tuesday and Thursday? NO, today and tomorrow!

57- Because it was a little horse. (hoarse)

58- Coughin’ (coffin)

59- A sandwich.

60- Because then it would be a foot.

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