Harold Pinter the Birthday Party stanley and meg

harold pinter the birthday party

harold pinter the birthday party is one of the famous interpretations from our famous pinter. He explained nicely harold pinter the birthday party.

harold pinter the birthday party
harold pinter the birthday party
Born : 1930 in London
Died : 2008 in London
Education : Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
Occupation: actor, theatre director, Poet, playwright,
Writings : The servant, The accident, The last tycoon, The Trial,
The Betrayal.
Awards : Nobel prize of literature in 2005,Tony award for Best playSummary:  He became a professional actor for BBC. He is an inventor of a new kind of comedy. He directed many stage plays.THE BIRTHDAY PARTYThe Birthday party was the first performance at Art theatre, Cambridge on 28th of April, 1958. But it got flop talk and ran only a week.

Characters :
(some people)

The scene begins in a boarding house with a conversation between  a couple, Petey and Meg, while having breakfast. Petey tells to his wife that two gentlemen will arrive shortly to stay in the house. So Meg says that she would arrange a room for them to stay. Meanwhile Meg calls Stanley who has been a border for long time. Petey goes to office and Stanley flirts with Meg. Meg tells that 2 strangers are arriving. This news makes Stanley to unsettle himself down. He is absolutely not happy some one joining him in the boarding house. Mean while Lulu a twenty year girl comes and chats with Stanley and asks to wash out his face as his face looks pale and unhappy. Lulu goes away.

Now in the mean time Goldberg and McCann enter the Boarding house, those 2 strangers about whom meg is telling about. Meg tells to strangers that it is Stanleys Birthday. Then Goldberg suggests to have a party. Meg offers a birthday gift of drum to Stanley in a package. Later that evening, McCann comes and wishes greeting to Stanley. Goldberg also comes and they both ask stanley to sit there with out leaving the room. Goldberg insists more not to leave the room. They ask Stanley about his past. Gold berg starts criticizing about his past saying that Stanley has betrayed his organization and killed his wife. They put lot of unnecessary questions and finally stanley gets angry and hits Goldberg into the stomach. McCann takes up the chair and threatens Stanley. When all this happening meg arrives with joy and everything is silent now with the coming of Meg dressed neatly to his birthday. While celebration the birthday McCann puts torch into the eyes of  Stanley. Noe Lulu also comes for the Birthday.Lulu and Goldberg flirt each other.

Meg suggests that all play Blind mans Buff. During Stanleys turn, he is blind folded by McCann. Now McCann puts toy drum in his path so that stanleys foot smashes the drum. When Stanley reaches Meg, he begins to strangle her then the 2 stranger pull him off. Meanwhile power supply breaks down and everything is dark. Lulu sreams loudly and faints.

The next morning Lulu comes to the boarding house and accuses Goldberg of having taken sexual advantage of her the night before. Now somehow this two men talks gently with Stanley and tells him that they will buy for them a new eye glasses for the consequence of broken glasses the night before. So now they will take away Stanley from the house in a car in the  presence of Petey.

Here comes stanley and meg where after sometime Meg comes and asks Petey about Stanley. He replies saying : Stanley is still sleeping in the room.

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