How to do Anchoring on stage

Anchor sample

Anchors 1,2:

Event Briefing:

Bharadwaj:This is Ghousia of III CSE

Ghousia:This is Bharadwaj of IV CSE.

Both: We heartily welcome you all to the grand inaugural function of I. B. Tech course.

We cordially welcome the students and their parents to this inaugural function. And big thanks to all the parents for trusting Vignan and entrusting their wards unto us.

Bharadwaj : Inauguration of I B.Tech is an all-time mega event at Vignan’s Lara. We look forward to this day as a remarkable day as we welcome our I B. tech students.

Ghousia : We take pleasure in announcing the commencement of I year B.Tech course from today soon after this event.

Bharadwaj : However as a tradition, we at Vignan celebrate this event with an invocation to Lord Ganesh.

Ghousia :We implore the Lord Ganesh to bless our I year students to have a fruitful and uninterrupted learningall through  their B. Tech Course.

Bharadwaj : Now I welcome Ms. SravyaManasa of III IT to sing unto Lord Ganesh and invoke his blessings on all the aspiring I year B. Tech Students.

Ghousia:Thank you SravyaManasa for your Melodiusinvocation with the intensity of devotion.  You have made us once again bow before theLord and get His blessings.

Bharadwaj: Now I feel privileged to call upon our beloved Principal Dr. K. Phaneendra Kumar Sir to pronounce the welcome note to all the I year students. Sir, please……….

Principal’s Message:

Ghousia: Thank you sir, your words will definitely inspire all the first years in the right direction and I hope that they would remember your wordsthroughout their four years of B. Tech and will achieve laurels to the institution.

Classical Dance:

Bharadwaj: Now I welcome MS. Gayathri of IV CSE and Ms. Bhavana of III CSE to perform a classical dance.

Ghousia: Thank you Gayathri and Bhavan you have taken us all to a different world of perception with your performance.

Bharadwaj: Now I’m very glad to invite some of our IV B. Tech students to come forward to give their reflections on their academic journey at Vignan’s Lara.

Ghousia: The intention of the reflections of IV year B. techs is only to raise the morale of I year aspiring students to set goals and strive to achieve them.

Bharadwaj: First I welcome Chanakya from IV CSE to share his reflections.

Ghousia: Thank you Chanakya for your thoughtful words.

Bharadwaj: Next I call up on Ms. Bhargaviof IV IT to share her reflections

Ghousia : Thank you Bhargavi for your reflective thoughts.

Bharadwaj : Next I call up on Yogithaof IV Mech  to share her reflections

Ghousia : Thank you Sasi for your reflective thoughts.

Bharadwaj: Next I call up on Poojitha of IV EEE to share his reflections

Ghousia : Thank you Poojithafor your reflective thoughts

Bharadwaj : Next I call up on Manikanta of IV ECE  to share his reflections

Ghousia : Thank you Manikantafor your reflective thoughts

Bharadwaj: Now as we sign off and give way to our friends, Naved and Deepthi to take forward the session.

The Chairman’s Speech

Naved: Now I call up on our beloved chairman sir to address the gathering.

Deepthi: Our chairman, an eminent educationist for around4 decades, a missionary & a visionary is here to address the aspiring engineers as to how they should pursue their engineering education.

Naved: Thank you very much sir for your Valuable inspiring words of wisdom. I hope your words beckon the intuition of the young aspiring engineers to set higher goals and endeavour to achieve the same.

Western Dance:

Deepthi: Now I would like to welcome my friends Devi Phrashanthi and Bhragavi to give a western dance performance.

Naved: Thank you friends that was a foot tapping dance. The audience felt it really fabulous.

Naved:Deepthi I knew that you are a very good singer. Why don’t you sing for all of us your favourite numbers?

Deepthi: That’s my pleasure. BankeThithiliDilUda from Chennai Express is one of my favourite numbers. I would do that song.

Naved:  Deepthi ! That was a fabulous performance. I feel you should have been playback singer.

Solo Dance:

Deepthi: Thank you Naved! Now let us continue the programme with another friend Vivek of IV who is here today with us to do a dance for our audience.

Naved: Oh! Great ! Let’s Welcome Vivekananda!

Deepthi: That was a scintillating performance! Thanks Vivek!


Vote of Thanks:

Ghousia: Now I request my friend Pragathi of IV CSE to come forward to propose vote of thanks.


Class Announcement:



Vote of thanks sample

Vote of Thanks:

Ifeel it a great honour and privilege to propose vote of thanks on this auspicious day.

I thank our beloved Chairman Dr. L. Rathaih sir, for accepting our invitation and gracing the event as well addressing the Students & Parents in this I year Inauguration.

We thank our beloved Principal Dr. K. Phaneendra Kumar sir for making this Inauguration a grand success. His planning and initiative does all the wonder.

I express a deep sense of gratitude to the faculty who contributed their lot to this day and stood with us today to make this event successful.

Very specially I would like to thank the college choir who took us by wonder through their singing.

A ‘big thanks’ to all our Technical and Administrative staff for their valuable support at every level.

Last but not the least,we thank all students and parents for their active participation inthe today’s inauguration.

From the bottom of my heart I thank each and every one of you for making it a memorable day.


Thank you one and all!!!!!!!!!!