How to give feedback speech

Good morning all !

I ‘m Manikantaof IV year Electronics& Communications Engineering! Just want to share my reflections on my parent Department ECE. Well ECE isan indispensable stream of engineering as Electronics has taken a major part of our lives with gadgets that simplify our lives in a more meaningful way. Without electronics we cannot run a day. All the gadgets at home are mostly made of electronics. Right from our TV to mobile handset we are bound to use electronics. At a press of button we have things happening around us. This is all but the wonders of the electronics and the immense research happening in it.

Electronics is a fast growing branch with more innovations and research changing our lives. Communication has taken a leap of change in traversing continents. We all live in a global village. You know?! America is not very far away but only at a video call away. Thanks to the electronics that made our life so exciting. However, I must tell you that electronics without collaboration with CSE and Mechanical departments runs into chaos. With my CSE friends write the programming logic for the electronics and embed them while a mechanical engineer gives a proper external shape and look with their designs.

At Vignan’s Lara we are taught to understand that engineering is all about collaboration and team work in devising something fruitful for the mankind. We conceive thoughts and collaborate with other branches of engineering to realize the project in teams.

Friends! I knew pretty well that many of you might have chosen ECE as their favourite branch of engineering. I must tell you unless you have the habit of observing things around and the need of the hour you cannot be successful in ECE.

Yes! ECE is very exciting stream of engineering where Artificial Engineering, wifi, NFC, Blutooth technologies take a big chunk of research and innovation.

Come friends and join us to explore ECE that far too exciting to learn and leap.

So friends come join us and explore ECE and to add your ideas to make it rich at Vignan’s Lara.