How to publish in Scopus indexed Journals

  • Go to Scopus Data Base
  • Choose Relevant Journal
  • Click on Homepage Link of Journal
  • Contact the editor of Journal
  • Drop an email about your paper
  • Wait for editor to respond positively
  • Submit paper to the journal by email or portal system

Go to Scopus Data Base

Publishing in Scopus journals in not a simple task now-a-days. The process of publishing in Scopus starts from data base. But unfortunately, research scholars and professors who want to publish paper in Scopus indexed journals are behind some mediators offering money for publication. Or taking the help of Google search engine or other serach engines. These are the problems when you go shortcut way to search journals by using search engines. 1. Cloned journals. 2. Misleading Journals claiming they are scopus. 3. Not able to determine the quality of the journal. The main disadvantage of such kind of approach is that you don’t know whether the said journal by them is really scopus indexed or not. The reason is that Scopus withdraws very often few predatory journals which do not stick to the policy of Scopus. There are many journals removed from the data base over time. Scopus does not remove predatory journal all of a sudden. They keep on data base for sometime. So it is a big confusion even. Follow these steps to get rid of predatory journals and mediators.

Five safety steps to consider before publishing in Scopus

  • Firstly check whether the journal is cloned or not
  • Secondly collect ISSN number and check on Scopus data base
  • Thirdly check its indexed status. For example ” 2019 to present” status
  • Fourthly, check for the homepage link of journal directly on Scopus
  • Fifthly, Avoid mediators

Here are some examples of cloned journals. For example Pensee journal. It is a cloned version of French Journal La Pensee. Here is my detailed observation about this journal. The reason why it is a cloned is a cloned and fake journal under 5 to 7 criteria that I focussed upon while looking out for its originality.

1. Author Search:  Recent authors who published research papers in this journal are not showing up on scopus – as indexed.
2. Tittle Search: Taking the titles of each research paper from cloned journal Pensee, I researched on Scopus. There are no such papers whatsoever found on Scopus – as indexed.
3. University Search: Even if authors’ names match partially on Scopus but the university from which the papers were published are of different ones.
4. Homepage Search: The do follow homepage link or hyper link given on Scopus is nowhere leading to cloned The homepage link had broken. It tells me that the original La Pensee site has been hacked or they created new website after it has been hacked with not updating link on Scopus for safety reasons.. 
5. Publisher search: Scopus tells that the original publisher for La Pensee is Deboeck but in no way cloned pensee’s research papers are linked to publisher deboeck. 
5. Scimago Search: The Do follow homepage link given on Scimago leads to other site in France. The journal’s actual name was LA Pensee with H index 3. 
6. Website Design: The sham design and fancy colours and images on the website show that they are trying to convince the aunthenticity of website.
7. UGC Group 11 : Pensee claims that they are UGC group 2 approved. Infact UGC released cloned list recently where they mentioned as a cloned journal on the 19th number of its list. 

Here are some original links of La Pensee which was once under Scopus until it has been hacked or created a new website. 
Proof 1:https://​
Proof 2:
Proof 3:

There is another journal of its kind. i.e Innovations journal.

I received a reply from editor in chief of a journal called INNOVATIONS.  It is a great confusion whether it is genuine or not. They are calling for paper right now and it is indexed in Scopus. They gave 2 ISSN numbers on their website. One is Print ISSN number that is showing on Scopus where as other EISSN which does not show up in Scopus. T. Here is the link for INNOVATIONS journal. 

Examples journal of not indexed status.

On the other hand, JAST – Journal of American Studies of Turkey DergyPark is not listed on Scopus. And Journal of the Social Scienes is well listed on Scopus but it has indexing issues. The indexing of articles of the journal of the social sciences took place upto 2019 only. Thank you madam.

How to Check the journal that is related to your topic

There are different ways of checking right journal that accepts papers related to your topic. Before checking, think about the time you have in hand. If the publication in Scopus is urgent, then go with Q4 category journals. If you have enough time, then go with either Q1, Q2,Q3 journals. This is because Q4 journlas are easy to publish and they take lesser time. Whereas other journals of high quartile are time consuming anywhere between 9 months to 1 year. So decide on time-factor. The more time, the high quality. After choosing Q3 Journals. Try to gather some journals and save them on a folder. Now create an email that is common and send it to the editor. Here is the sample email that you can send to the editor before communicating your paper.

Dear Editor,

ABAC JournalSource:

I am ……………….. from India. I have written a good quality research paper under the discipline of English literature. The title of my paper is “The concept of memory and narrative technique in the novels of Kazuo Ishiguro.” If you feel that my paper fits your journal, I would like to submit my paper. Can I submit this paper to your journal? 
Thanking you and expecting your positive reply.

Name,  M.A.,B.Ed.,(Ph.D),
Research Scholar,Vignan’s Foundation for Science,Technology and Research,
Guntur – 522002, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.
Whatsapp: +917………………
Mobile No: +9176710…..
email: syamprasadreddy5 Orcid:

The above is a sample letter that you must drop initially. Doing this will help your paper fit to the right journal. If editor responds positively, then follow the document guidelines or author guidelines and send finally your pape to the editor.

5 Major Problems with Scopus Indexed Journals

Firstly, They don’t deal with every topic from same subject. So your paper may become unsuitable for the journal. The second problem is Discussion or the content itself is not something that they are not looking into. They may not allow critical papers some times. Thirdly, the time constraint of the journal. Some journal take upto 1 year to publish. Fourthly, some journals don’t accept language of your paper. Fifthly, Some journals are fond of money. Though they mention it as unpaid journal but unless you pay some money, they don’t really take interest to process your paper.

Examples of real-time emails of journals

Dear colleague,
Many thanks for your enquiry.  I am afraid that the subject of your proposed article does not sound suitable for our journal. I wish you all the best in placing it elsewhere.
Best wishes,
Richard Hibbitt

We are sorry to inform you that we have been suggested not to publish your paper. We are waiting for the second opinion, but however, there will be a lot of work to be done. If the second reviewer suggests that the paper can be published with changes, we believe it will not be before the end of the year because our next two issues are already completed. 
Best regards, Folia linguistica et litteraria

we do not publish articles written in any other language but Russian. As for the subject of your paper, we have more than once addressed the work of Ishiguro on our pages and another general view of his novels cannot be accepted. Editor

we have considered your article proposed to our journal Svet literatury / World of Literature. We are sorry, but the article doesn’t meet the requirements for a scientific article and can not be published in the journal.

Thank you for your interest in our journal. Unfortunately you paper does not fill the topic requirement of Hipogrifo. Revista de literatura y cultura del Siglo de Oro that refers only to Hispanic literature and culture of the Golden Age Period (16th and 17th centuries).
Yours sincerely,
Mariela Insúa

Top 3 Consultants to publish research paper in Scopus Indexed Journals

Always follow the given formatting guidelines strictly

Every journal has its own set of formatting paper. The guidelines are given on the journal pages. Follow them strictly. There are many paper that were rejected in the past for just not following the guidelines. It is a time consuming process to format. It may take around 3 hours to format as a beginner researcher. Once you are accustomed doing formatting of 2 or 4 research papers, it becomes easy to go. The usual formats for research papers are APA or MLA. Get here the APA style template. Get MLA style sheet here. But this is not enough. Every journal has its own unique rules to be followed while formatting a research paper. Follow them with out missing a singel thing.

Having said the above guidlines, if you follow them step-by-step, you can easily publish papers in Scopus Indexed Journals.

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