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How to Study Smart

Learn fragmented

Here I am mentioning tips on how to study smart

  1. Write Short Notes on each topic on your own hand writing.
  2. Read the text book or material again and again ( Do not try to learn by heart)
  3. Watch Online Videos about the topic
  4. Create a Visual in the mind about the topic
  5. Discuss with someone what you have learned
  6. Practice writing without seeing

Cover all topics

Try to learn in a day by touching all the topic little by little rather than only one subject in a day or a week. If you do this you have good idea about every topic. If you have 10 subjects or topics to study, then study bit of everything. This will also build confidence that you are not lacking in any subject. This way will boost your other personality levels. Another reason is that if you study same topic or subject through out the day then our brain will confuse about same information feeding and will lead to boredom. Continue reading on how to study smart


All what you have read first goes to short term memory. It may not enter into long term memory all of a sudden. So you must make sure to find solution for this problem. STM information can be forgotten after some time or partially you can remember. To beat this you have to do periodic revision. Revision at reg regular intervals takes the information to the long term memory. How long you must revise? Continue reading on how to study smart

Revision 1 must be as soon as you learn the new information. That is after 24 hours of learning.  If you learn new information today, the tomorrow you have to revise as a part of first revision.

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Revision 2  must happen after 3 days from first revision. That is if you revise on May 11 , give a gap of 3 days and revise  second time on May 15.

Revision 3: Give a gap of 7 days from previous revision

Revision 4: 21 days

Revision 5: 30 days

Revision 6: 45 days

Revision 7: 60 days

Seating Position

In the class try to sit on  the first benches. Rennels and Chaudary in 1988 studied this and concluded about the percentage of learning over seating.

Front Bench : 80%, Middle Bench: 71.6%, Last Bench : 68.1%

It may not be possible to sit when every one wants to sit. But you can do it if you are the only one who is inspired with this article. The reasons are 1. you can listen more clear and see board. Continue reading on how to study smart

Avoid multi efforts

Do you watch TV and study? Do you whats app and study? Do you text messages and chat and study? Do you browse your interests and study? Never while studying do these things along with studying. This will drop your concentration levels. While Studying just study and not more than this. Now a days many study using mobiles but in the middle of the time they are tempted to do other things. So try to avoid putting multi effort tasking. Continue reading on how to study smart

Reduce Big to Small

Reduce all the information so big and essay type to small. This is called summarizing in English. Try to learn about a topic in short first. Do try to learn bit by bit. This method will help you to get better idea on any topic or subject. Continue reading on how to study smart

Testing your learning

Try to test yourself with online exams or mock test or sample test. If all these are not available you test your knowledge by asking question to yourself. While you sleep reflect about one topic that you have read and sleep. Continue reading on how to study smart

Read aloud

Sometimes reading loud will really put you into ease learning. Try sometime reading loud some difficult topics and also try to teach what you have learned by imagining someone is listening to you. Feel that some crowd is in front of you and speak. If you have seen the movie CAST AWAY, you will know this how to speak abstract out of nothing. Continue reading on how to study smart

Underline while reading

Try to underline with pen whatever you study. This way you can learn 20% more. Continue reading on how to study smart

Take Study Leave

You can take study leave after some hard work. May be after two weeks of study, take a break of 2 days as a break.

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Reward at the end of the day

At the end of the day study, try to reward your body and brain with some special thing like eating healthy snack or going out for a short walk or watching your favorite TV channel. Or browsing internet etc. So if you reward yourself at the end of the day you will learn fast. Continue reading on how to study smart

Knowledge based – Not marks based

You have to study for the sake of the knowledge because if you study for marks then you cannot really learn or remember. So leave thinking about marks and read the subject as it comes to you for the sake of knowledge and appreciation about that topic.

Brain and Water

Brain works smarter and better if it gets enough right process of working. If you are dehydrated then you brain does not function properly which leads to poor learning. Do not wait till you feel thirsty. Take water enough of 9 glasses in a day. This will help you to learn fast.

Exercise your Body

Are you doing exercise. Your blood circulation must be improved. For this you have to exercise. So that you have alert mind and soul. This helps in studying good. Continue reading on how to study smart

Train your sleep timings

Always maintain your sleep time same every night. Do not change your sleep time because of some works. This will put you into sleepy while studying. So it is not important how long you slept but how qualitatively you slept is very important. If you have sound sleep for 5 hours is as equal to the normal sleep of 9 hours. So it is quality of sound sleep rather than time factor.

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Boston University conducted research on 15oo students for a period of 10 years and noticed that those students who eat diet rich in choline performed better in memory tests. Chicken and eggs contain lot choline ( Choline is responsible for the formation of memories) For vegetarians, Almonds, Cabbage, Cauliflower are other sources of Choline. Continue reading on how to study smart

Finally LOVE LOVE LOVE what you study

You must love what you study. With out which you cannot really come up with success. All trails will fail. Try to fall in love with the subject or the topic or the course that you are studying otherwise you cannot really enjoy success in your life.