How to tell humorous stories effectively?

5 tips to tell humorous stories

  1. Give practical situation: while telling a humorous story, you must give practical thinking taking into consideration day to day life of a person. This means humor is not something outside the person but inside the person. You must take the personal life of a person and narrate a story keeping some fun and wit within it.
  2. Be fast and do not drag: while narrating a story to a student, you must never drag or hesitate to tell characters dialogues fast. If you delay, the mood of humor will not come. So in one-word timing in telling a comedy story plays a great role.
  3. Put a twist in the story: There must always be some kind of twist while telling any humorous story. The twist makes laugh. Twist brings interest. It gives every boost to make up a wit.
  4. Use short sentences: When telling a comic story, do not use very long sentences which may hinder the listener and thus there will not be any sort of fun.
  5. Use well known and easy words: While narrating any humorous story, you must not use professional English rather you must use spoken English words that are wilful and humorous in nature. If you follow these tips, your humorous story will come up with a good success. Use some familiar words of a particular culture when telling a story. You can bring humor only when a particular story is close to the language of the listener. This mean uses better words and funny words of that culture.

Conclusion: Finally, telling a story to a student or to a kid requires practice and confidence in narration.  So your way of telling matters a lot. The style and usage of persons mean a lot to bring humor in a story.