Importance of English Language

Importance of English Language

Importance of English Language
Importance of English Language

Dear Readers, Today is the time to ponder upon the importance of English language in our lives.  We all know English has become a language of global recognition. Many people around the world speak English as an official language. So It is very important and is also becoming mandatory to learn English as a  part of our survival. So let us concentrate on this point and learn some of the factors that determine us to speak English. Today, we are going to learn how English is influencing all over the world.


if you want to get a job, then now a  days every company conducts communication round in the form of  Personal interview and also in the form of group discussions.  Unless we crack these task, we are not eligible to move further interview process.  Though you have enough percentage or you are technically sound, you are not in a position to get a good job of your choice. So let us ponder upon this very specially. All students and job seekers must realise this and work towards cracking group discussions and personal rounds by developing communication skills. The importance of English language is vital in the above respect irrespective of technical and other knowledge.


After getting  a job or be in a high position, you are expected to speak good English.  You could be in a position where you must guide your team members and talk to lot of customers. Here you must work out your skill of Communication. You will have to manage all the future plans by developing healthy respect and relationship. This respect part comes only through  good communication skill. So it is highly important to know the importance of English language as a professional.


In your family, Communication plays a great role as your children depend on you entirely. It is your responsibility to lead family and your children to progress in their communication skills. So make sure to support them with your English skill.  We must understand how important English language is as a matter of communicative support. So understand that your family is depending only on you. Any lack of knowledge on your part will affect adversely on the entire family.


Always we want to meet new people and know new culture. So English helps you to achieve this as English is a globally spoken language, So when you want to go to any trip or you want to meet new culture or people from different countries, Then you will be amazed how English could help you . You can enjoy and learn many things and adjust with many people and you can make many friends around the world just by learning English language. So make sure to enjoy learning of English language which will boost your relationships entirely and helps you to stand out among many.

Conclusion: Learning English and knowing the importance of it will bring you lot of awareness and the same thing can be shared with many people. So do the things positively and learn well the language especially by understanding the importance of English language as a global language.


Shyam Reddy

English Trainer


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