Improve Communication Skills

Improve Communication Skills with program

improve communication skills
improve communication skills

Below I am giving you on how to Improve Communication Skills and an amazing tip on how to conduct strong Improve Communication Skills in order to develop your English Skills. These program has been planned very hectically .

Divide yourselves into teams. Once each team consisting of 5 to 7 students. Name each team. Check the example below and follow accordingly.  Every session will be progressed with one or other activity. I have give 7 most useful activities to improve your communication skills.

Rainbow Team (Oral Speech)

Achievers (Story Telling)

 Challengers (Extemporare)

 Crazy Devils Vs  Super Kings ( Debate)

 English Skit (Nilgiris Team)

Calligraphy ( For all )

General Quiz ( Lot System)


  • All team members must participate in the activity in one or other way.
  • If any holiday occurs, the activity will be taking place in the Upcoming session
  • Each member is requested to co-operate with the team captain.
  • All team captains must take the suggestions given by the Organizer
  • Organizer’s opinion is final in all respects.

If you follow the above program in a team for yourselves or with the help of a guide, you will learn English fast. Apart from this team activity, you must also make sure that you listen, read, write, speak activities. These 4 skills must be learn alternatively as a matter of personal practice. You can take the help of a Television and Radio or you can also create a kind or atmosphere around here. This atmosphere is nothing but English Atmosphere.

You can also use the everyday news papers for more benefit. Read news papers as much as you can in your free time and make it as a hobby. This hobby of reading news paper will enable you to form good constructive sentences.

Also I suggest to read any English Text everyday. Read aloud newspaper everyday. This will help to clear your vocal chords from negative perspective. Your voice becomes fine every time you read aloud. So kindly read aloud for ten minutes, This is an amazing opportunity to build you pronunciation clarity.

Make sure you fill your memory card of personal mobile with some MP3 songs. In songs you can learn many contractions in English Language. You can also learn the style of English Language. Songs will help you to shorten some of the long English sounds which I have spoken in the above line as a subject of contractions.

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