Independence day speech

independence day speech

independence day speech
independence day speech

A speech on independence day of our country is a matter of rejoice and happiness as we are all free from clutches of someone. It is a time of so much happening. I want to bring the importance of this day in the form of my independence day speech to all the people listening to me. This independence day speech may inspire everyone listening and may have some points to ponder over and get benefited there after to live a happy life. So I request that this day must be a day to think maturely and positively. Free ourselves from the bondage of personal self and live a happy life. Leave all the crime and leave all the negative thinking from  our mind and live a free life. This is called true independence. On this independence day speech, I would remind you some of the national leaders who fought for the country to bring independence to us all. So rejoice and try enjoy the freedom give to us in one or other way.

speech on independence day

Independence day speech means, Freedom of dressing, freedom of talking, freedom of doing. What are these three things? What do you mean by such freedom of dressing, talking and doing. This typed of  freedom means you are completely in a way of making yourselves from from doing out of force. Real freedom means doing everything with love and happiness and joy. This type of life is called real freedom. This day is a day to think and meditate whether are we doing things with freedom and love. Though we might have got freedom years back, but then are we losing freedom personally. Are we in a state of doing anything out of force? Let us reflect today and change ourselves in a way that our country appreciates us.

Essay on independence day

So today is a day where we can be proud of our country’s achievements and progress. As a citizens of our country, we must also love our country and constitution and respect our political leaders. This is a time to feel proud for all great achievements  took place all these years in our country.


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