Jonathan Swift

Life of Jonathan Swift

jonathan swift
jonathan swift

Jonathan Swift lived among the years 1667 -1745 form Ireland. He was author,clergyman,satirist.  He became famous with his Gulliver’s Travels in 1726.  He married Esther Johnson who was 15 years younger to him. They both were in true love to each other. Swift suffered from heart stroke and he lost his voice and speech and was unable to speak.

The most important work of Jonathan Swift is Gulliver’s travels which brought a huge name for him through out the world. Even in the near past years we found  some movies with name Gulliver’s Travels. Jonathan Swift was in some or other way lucky to be the author of such a master piece. He narrated the story very nicely to an extent where one needs lot of entertainment.

He  was ordained as a priest of Anglican Church. He served the church.  He wrote his first and important  political pamphlet called ” A Discourse on the Contests and  Distensions  in Athens and Rome.”

A Tale of a tub by Jonathan swift in the year 1704 was also a good one. This book became famous among masses. He was also asked to become an editor of The Examiner. He also wrote one  pamphlet  called The Conduct of the Allies.

He was also a dean in St.Peter’s Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland.  Travels into several remote nations of the world was once a name for Gulliver’s Travels.  Esther fell ill and died in the year 1728 in the month of January.  In the year 1742 Swift suffered a stroke and  he has in the long run lost his speech and later  on October 19 Jonathan Swift died in the year 1745.

Jonathan Swift a great writer and a man of entertainment to many.  We have a movie called Gulliver’s Travels which is a super duper hit among public and audience. So this author and clergyman and a servant of God has to be revered and respected throughout generations. He was the chosen one of God.

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