Learning English

Learning English

Learning English
Learning English

Now Learning English is more and more become widely known language. Everybody use it to communicate with people from around the world. By improving your English with these simple tips, you do not need to spend much money taking expensive course. But noted, this tips will be useful for a person who already know basic or elementary level in English, not a very beginner learner. You just need to be persistent and take these tips as often as possible. Check below how to get Simple Tricks for Learning English Easily

Write down new interesting word

Whether you are in commercial business or in office handling clients, do not hesitate to record down your new interesting world from your daily conversation. Or you are a student in college which confuse with scientific passage from your journal. Just write it and find the exact meaning on dictionary. Explore more on your new word by finding the synonyms if you have more spare time. Doing such simple thing can boost your memory up. Despite on relying in electronic dictionary, doing these methods can increase your vocabulary ability and spending your time effectively.

Watching Movie without Subtitle

It sounds silly, but by watching your favorite movie, songs or video without subtitle you will able to learn in more relaxing way. Moreover if you do it for your favorite one, your brain will accelerate easier since it already memorized before. You will not feel obliged to remember long passage or paragraph with the help of your favorite rhythm. By using this method, you are not only learning about how to remember word; you will also improve your listening skill, by watching the exact pronunciation from the native.

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Of course it depends on the movie which you watched. Or, if you listening to a song, you can rewrite the lyrics and after you finished, you can check the original lyric to compare the result. Pay attention to every spelling methods which is used by the actors/ singers, you can try to write down the dialogue if it is necessary. It is the same pattern of listening comprehension.

After you already practicing this method, it is the time to practice your speaking skill with the others. If you are shy , first practicing in front of the mirror, Try to remember the dialogue and the meaning. Simple daily conversation can be use to improve your confidence. After that, you can move to more specific conversation.

No need to rush in grammar

There are many books that can help us learning English by ourselves. Of course it depends on you whether you want to take an English course with real class or you just want to learn from books. If you chose to be a self learning, learn according to the book’s instruction. Learn first the simple grammar like Present Simple. After you mastering it, you can move to the other level, the more complicated grammar.

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