lord jim

lord jim

Lord Jim is an amazing written directional sense.

lord jim
Joseph Conrad

This one is a ship chandler’s water clerk in an eastern port. lord jim. He accepted a berth as chief mate aboard an ancient steamer, the Patna carrying 800 Muslim pilgrims on their way to Mecca. lord jim is an amazing story.

German captain is a gross coward. Chief Engineer is drunkard. The ship struck a floating object in the Red sea. Captain sends Jim to check .

A month later, Jim tells in court that when he went to check the ship, he found the forward hole filling with sea water. The captain hears  this and gives orders everyone to abandon the ship. Jim jumps into life boat with white man.

Now Marlow sits at inquiry. The captain, two engineers and Jim are taken to court for trial. After enquiry, Jim determined to become a wanderer.

He goes to Bombay – Calcutta – Penang, Batavia and Islands of east. He gives up his job. He moves towards east . Marlow continues to help him. He joins with stein a trader in small islands of  East Indies. Stein makes Jim his agent at Patuson. There Jim associates with natives and by his gentleness and consideration becomes their leader. Now they call him Tuan Jim — means Lord Jim.

The end comes when Gentleman Brown determines to loot Lord Jims stronghold. He arrives when Jim is out of station. But now Jim returns. He has a long talk with Brown. Jim becomes convinced that Brown would leave the  place without any violence if the siege were lifted.

Brown wants again to take vengeance and killS  Dainwaris, the son of Doramin.

Doramin gets angry and shoots Jim through the breast for being the reason for his son’s death.

Marlow who has been watching Jim’s life so closely all the  years feels that Jim has at last won back his lost honor.

Joseph Conrad

Born : 1857 in Ukraine
Died : 1924, United Kingdom
Education : Home Tutor from Cracow University
Occupation : Novelist, Short-Story writer
Writings : Almayer’s folly, An outcast of the Islands, The Lagoon,  An outpost of progress

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