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  • Advances in production engineering and management.
  • Agricultural water management.
  • Acqua culture economics and management.
  • Acquatic eco system health & management.
  • Arid Land Research and Management.
  • Aslib journal of information management.
  • Cancer management and research.
  • Coastal management.
  • Ecological management & Restoration.
  • Advances in production engineering and management

The Advances in production engineering and management journal aims at providing original research papers that are of a high quality in terms of their theoretical approach.

The research articles and research papers are usually oriented to engineering production and management of production. The journal platform has a broad range of practitioners and academic researchers who do submit their publications.

If you have research papers based on an advanced theory then you are highly welcomed to submit your publications this is what this journal does too cut the gap between theoretical and practical based applications.

For your project to be accepted then it has to have an engineering approach, especially in the manufacturing engineering field.


  • Agricultural Water Management

agricultural water management is a journal that addresses the latest issues, articles and special issues on agricultural water management. For researchers to acquire and connect the dots that will enable see the bigger picture of their research then they need a reliable resource for research information.

This is what the agricultural water management journal provides.

It has an interdisciplinary of information from the scholarly research papers that were submitted and approved on this online platform. Agricultural water management allows you to submit the various research topics that you have don on water management and agricultural management.


  • Arid Land Research and Management

If you are carrying out a research on soils that are affected by aridity then the Arid Land Research and Management journal provides you with a wide scope of knowledge of ecological knowledge that will assist you to cover this.

This journal will provide you with the necessary information and techniques for recovering lands that are degraded. the journal al; so contains vital information on the various uses of soil.

All of this information is submitted in form of short noes, book reviews, research papers that are published in the journal. The journal also welcomes various applications and research papers on the ecology of the arid areas.


  • Cancer Management and Research

Cancer management and research is an open access journal whose focus is based research on cancer and the optimal preventative techniques and treatments that a cancer patient can undergo.

When looking for any information that is regarded on the enhanced survival techniques for a cancer patient then this is the way to go.

The major topics that are being addressed in this journal include; bio target identification, epidemiology of cancer, use of the anti-cancer agents, radiation and cancer surgery for the patients etc.

If you have an original research paper that covers the studies on epidemiological and clinical related studies then this is the platform that you can actually submit your research paper.


  • Ecological Management & Restoration

The big gap between the experience of the manager’s field and perspective of the ecologist is the major focus of the Ecological management & Restoration journal looks forward to the bridging.

Ecological management & Restoration provide with researchers with the best knowledge that is relevant for their research work on Ecological Management & Restoration.

If you are carrying out research on the geographic and subject area then this is one of the areas that you can submit your research papers for publication.

These basically incudes; riparian zone, coastal zones, fauna and its habitat, restoration ethics, land management of the indigenous zones etc.


  • Engineering management journal

Engineering management journal is equipped with critical knowledge for managers who are practicing engineering. This information is usually critical for management of classrooms or the engineers who are conducting a lecture in the engineering management classes.

The Engineering management journal recognizes the opportunity for growth that is why it invites research articles from the various fields that can be published on the platform.

For your publications to be accepted then t must meet theoretical thresholds and its practicability in the field. Your scope must meet the interdisciplinary between management and engineering for it to be published.

Publishing of your research article is always done in a simple and perfect way.


  • Environmental engineering and management journal

The Environmental engineering and management journal has proved t be resourceful in terms of providing knowledge to research centers, industrial companies, scholars etc. the journal his research on how to transform the fields of Environmental engineering and management technologically.

The covers topics based Environmental engineering and management who interdisciplinary makes a broad sense n the field of research.

The journals accept submissions of web alerts meeting reports, book reviews, original research etc. the highly dedicated international editorial board that comprises of renowned scientists makes this journal to have confidence on the research papers that they do publish.


  • Energy conversion and management

This is an incredible forum that allows researchers to publish their significant contribution that is comprehensive on the energy interdisciplinary topics. Energy conversion and management Journals invites research works on the following disciplines; generation of energy, conversion, and storage of energy, and utilization of the energy.

Your journal can cover any type of energy such as mechanical energy, magnetic and electric energy, chemical energy, nuclear energy, electromagnetic energy etc. you have to energy the energy research pare that you have researched should be research  investigated on the various energy technologies and energy devices, materials, performance, energy systems, and processes.


  • Fisheries management and ecology

Having an international perspective make this journal one of the best journals for research purposes.

The research papers presented in this journal covers all of the research aspects on inland conservation, ecology, and management.When looking for a journal that has research papers to will help you to understand the maintenance and development of fish population then this is the journal for you to consider.

This is a journal that has been crucial in helping the fisheries managers to understand the wider scope of fish operational activities, the conservation of the ecological environment that the fish operates.

The journal invites publication for search articles that handles conservation of the fisheries, aquatic management etc.


  • Forest ecology and management

The Forest Ecology and management has proved to be a scientific journal that is useful for biological and ecological research knowledge.

The journal creates a formidable link between scholars interest in ecological research and the research works and force managers. Since the journal addresses a magnitude population interest in research on this fields it invites various researchers to submit their research papers for publications.

Having a team of editorials which are internationally recognized scientist ensures a thorough review of any publication that you are likely to submit.

If you need a review manuscript then you are invited to contact our research editors for further more information on the research manuscript.