Nissim Ezekiel

Nissim Ezekiel

Nissim Ezekiel
Nissim Ezekiel

Born – 1924 in Bombay
Died –  2004 in Bombay

Education:  Wilson College, University of Bombay

Worked at :  Bombay University, University of Leeds

Awards: Sahitya Academy Award for “Latter”-Day Psalms

Writings:  The Doctor, The Traitor, The Railway Clerk

Short Summary about Poet:  His  parents were Jews. He became professor because of his parent who were principals for various colleges. He went to U.K to study Philosophy.  Not being a hindu, the poet calls himself as an outsider.


It was published in a collection of poems called ” The Unfinished Man.” In this, he explains about a pilgrimage.

In the first stage, Pilgrims start pilgrimage. They are exalted.

In the second stage of the poem, we see the the pilgrims are filled with frustration due to Hot Sun.

In the third stage: Pilgrims lose their way

In the fourth stage: They are deprived of their daily necessities.

Ezekiel concludes that we should obtain spiritual evolution at home and not by physical journeys to some imaginary or conventionally accepted place of grace. Nissim Ezekiel gives  so many things to take into account. He was a great poet of scorpion stories. It is a story of things in many ways. He was always a man of subtle nature.  It is a thing of beauty in various ways. It is a way to make sure of various ways. It is something that way to make things better poems in one or other way. In this way we need to understand things in a more better way. The poet seems to be more understanding in various ways.

all poems of nissim ezekiel very nice to understand and give a way to maintain certain things of English language literature. In this way we must make sure that all poets are great and good in writing literature.

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